Key Stage 5

AS Level and A Level English Literature

These courses allow students to build on the skills and knowledge already gained from GCSE study and prepare them for their next steps. They will develop your individual progress as a reflective, analytical and articulate individual. The skills and knowledge you gain on this course offer an excellent foundation for degree-level study and are also useful for those intending to follow career paths such as law, advertising, marketing, media and education.

Both AS and A-level courses provide strong stand-alone qualifications that are fully co-teachable so that each students’ needs are fully met.

AQA English Literature AS Level – Subject Content

The texts studied are connected through Aspects of tragedy. Texts have been selected and grouped together because they share some of the common features of traditional tragic drama while also offering some interesting variations. At the core of all the set texts is a tragic hero or heroine who is flawed in some way, who suffers and causes suffering to others and in all texts there is an interplay between what might be seen as villains and victims.

Students study four texts: one Shakespeare play, one further drama text, one poetry text and one prose text. 

AQA English Literature A Level – Subject Content

Study of texts within the chosen literary genre of tragedy, is enhanced by the study of critical theory in the non-exam assessment. In this way, students can gain a solid understanding of how texts can be connected and how they can be interpreted in multiple ways so that students can arrive at their own interpretations and become confident autonomous readers.

The specification encourages the exploration of texts in different ways: the study of texts within specific genres. The study of texts through engagement with a range of theoretical ideas. Writing about texts in a number of different ways.