Key Stage 5


We also follow the AQA A level course and this follows a similar pattern of assessment to the GCSE course offered at Caterham. If a student has completed GCSE sociology it is expected that they will have at least a C grade in order to start the A level course. However, many students who do well at A level sociology have not studied sociology before and this is not an entry requirement.

The Year 12 AS course
The Year 13 A2 course
       Unit 1: Families & households (20%)
       Unit 2: Education with research methods (30%)
       You can retake unit 1 and unit 2 in year 13 to boost your grades.
       Unit 3: Beliefs in society (20%)
       Unit 4: Crime and deviance with theory and methods (30%)
       At the end of the course your marks for the 4 modules are added up and your final grade is awarded.

How is sociology useful in later life?
·          As a respected course It will often help secure a place at university
·          Learn the skills that employers need, such as research, report writing, creative and analytical thinking and the evaluation of ideas.
·          It is useful for “people centred” careers and jobs requiring strong analytical skills. This could include teaching, social work, the police force, local government work, through to personnel, advertising, market research and journalism.
·          The study of sociology will also help students to look at competing points of view on current issues in society and help them to make their own judgements about the world around us.