Key Stage 3

Students have one hour of drama each week in which they explore a range of issue-based and skill-based topics.  Our schemes of work reflect our desire to teach drama skills that students will continue to use and develop at GCSE and even A’level.  We also expose them to a variety of genres and literary references  to develop their intellect and their ability to translate these ideas creatively into their practical work.

In Year 7, students explore the following topics, which include the use of key drama skills:

  • “Darkwood Manor”, the mystery genre;
  • “War of the Worlds”: a science fiction novel, by H.G. Wells.
  • The Wild West: exploring the historical relationship between European settlers and Native Americans;
  • The Silent Movies: the mime of Charlie Chaplin;
  • “The Incredible Illucinations of Ernie”  (an introduction to scripts);
  • “The Tempest”, by William Shakespeare.


In Year 8, skills are further developed within the context of:

  • Michael: (an exploration of bullying);
  • “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer;
  • Story Theatre (storytelling: a multicultural context);
  • “Frankenstein”; “Carrie’s War” or another appropriate text;
  • Macbeth, by William Shakespeare.


In Year 9, skills are consolidated and extended to include those studied for GCSE:

    • Kelly Turner (explores a real life event that explores the issue of racism);
    • Soap Opera and its conventions;
    • Conflict;
    • “Too Much Punch for Judy” (a play which explores the serious consequences of drinking and driving);
    • A Shakespeare Text;