Geography Key Stage 3


The Programme of Study Key Stage Three is designed to give students a good grounding in geographical knowledge and skills. These they will keep for life as the subject has a direct relevance every day.
Year 7
Unit One - Our Local Area.
Students will learn about our place in London and the South-East, how we have developed and how we are linked to the world.
map of london
Unit Two - Maps and Mapping.
How to use maps with the emphasis on Ordnance Survey map skill. The department subscribes to the Ordnance Survey digital mapping scheme which give students access to the Ordnance Survey mapping service.
Unit Three - Water World.
The way rivers and coasts work and how we are affected by them.
Year 8
Unit One - Our Place in Europe.
The importance of our place in the European Union. Students study Italy as another European country.
Unit Two - Developing World.
South America with Brazil studied in detail, including issues such as development and the threat to the rain-forest.
Unit Three - Everyday Geographies.
Shopping, Sport and Crime
Year 9
Unit One - Environmental Geography.
Pollution, energy use and the effect on the environment
Unit Two - Hazard Geography.
How people cope with living in hazardous environments and what causes natural hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes.
Students study these units using examples taken from Japan and the USA.