Pupil Premium

Use of Pupil Premium 2016-17

What is the Pupil Premium Grant?

Pupil Premium is a special additional grant that schools receive to support the learning of students in Years 7 – 11 who are:

  • eligible for Free School Meals, referred to as FSM
  • or have received them at some point in the last six years, referred to as Ever 6 FSM
  • or children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months, referred to as CLA, standing for Children Looked After
  • or have a parent who is in the services, or a parent who has died in service in the last five years, referred to as Service Child Premium

The amount received by the school for each eligible child was £930.  The funding was spent in the following way.

Counselling Service

Counselling Service focusing on 1to1 support for individual students experiencing emotional problems that are a barrier to their learning. 

Behaviour for Learning Mentor

In the Autumn of 2016, the school created a new post aimed at maximising the learning potential of individual students who may be underachieving due to social, emotional or mental health concerns. At any given time, the Learning Mentor will be working with a cohort of around 15 students and many of these students will be eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.

Individual Staff Mentors

A number of students receiving the PPG with a range of additional and sometimes complex needs are allocated a staff mentor with whom they can meet on a weekly basis to discuss their individual ‘barriers to learning’. Such intervention may be offered on either a short term or longer term basis.

In addition to this, a small cohort of underachieving Year 11 students are provided with a staff mentor with whom they meet regularly to discuss any issues which may be hindering satisfactory educational achievement.

Small Group English Tuition

The employment of an ex Assistant Head to provide a combination of small group and in class intervention for Yr7 and 8 students to improve the progress of students who did not achieve level 4 at KS2 in English.

Small Groups Maths Tuition

The employment of an ex Assistant Head to provide a combination of small group and in class intervention for Yr7 and 8 students to improve the progress of students who did not achieve level 4 at KS2 in Maths.

Reading Interventions

1. Toe by Toe

This is a multi-sensory phonics based reading programme which is structured, cumulative and has opportunities for frequent repetition. Students with reading ages below 8 years 6 months are targeted for this programme which is delivered on a 1to1 basis by Special Support Assistants (SSAs) in extra hours worked by them. All students have 3x 20 minute sessions a week. Progress is measured by progress through the book. It is used with those students whom we consider need to be individually tutored for reasons of concentration or who may have speech and language communication difficulties and need the reinforcement of reading aloud.

2. Word Wasp
The school has recently invested in this new ‘catch-up’ literacy programme which is offered to a number of students in Years 7 and 8. Word Wasp aims to improve students’ competency in both reading and spelling and is delivered on a 1to1 basis by Special Support Assistants (SSAs) 3x20 minutes per week. Special Support Assistants are paid separately to offer this additional intervention. Progress is measured by progress through the book.

3. KS3 Literacy Groups

In years 7 and 8, small groups of students (6-8 students) are withdrawn from mainstream lessons on a termly basis to focus on improving their basic literacy skills. These sessions are led by SEND teachers and progress is measured using before and after reading assessment tools.

Peer Reading Programme

In September each year, all KS3 and KS4 students complete a reading assessment to identify those with the most significant literacy difficulties. 5-10% of these students will then be referred to the ‘Peer Reading Programme’ which takes place during afternoon registration time 3 times per week. Able readers from higher year groups are then placed alongside individuals from each identified cohort. The students with weak literacy then read to their more able peer. Teachers and support staff also attend the reading sessions in a supervisory role.

Supported Studies

During the KS4 options process, a number of students who have SEND or who are underachieving for a variety of reasons are identified and offered the Supported Studies option in place of one of their GCSE option choices. Classes focus on improving achievement in English and Maths and are normally small cohorts of 8-12 students.


Training to improve the quality of both written and verbal feedback has taken place for all teachers.  There is now a minimum expectation that there will be biweekly dedicated improvement and reflection time (DIRT) in all subjects based on high quality feedback.  An impact initiative has been carried out into the effectiveness of verbal feedback and subsequent training has been provided.


Training has been provided for all staff on the importance of homework, and each department have improved the quality of homework set and the consistency of follow up to missed homework.

Collaborative Learning

Training to improve the standard of collaborative learning in the classroom has been undertaken. The class portrait and seating plans have been used as a tool to improve teacher understanding of the ways that different groups work together when engaged in shared and co-operative learning.

Revision Classes

Revision Classes for Year 11 students in holiday time (Spring half term and Easter break) to prepare students for Public Examination for which the participating teachers are paid extra. Many departments are now also involved in ‘Period 6’ interventions which take place after school.

Secondary School Collaborative

Subscription to a collaborative of London Secondary Schools (PIXL) who provide professional services, support/advice, particularly for teachers of Maths and English to assist them in improving the outcomes for their students at GCSE level.