Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3


In Design & Technology at KS3 time is split between lessons in DT [graphics resistant materials and electronics] and Food/Textiles.  During these lessons pupils undertake projects   that develop their experiences, skills and knowledge over the 3 years.  Learning the basic use of tools and equipment to make quality products they are also are introduced to the design process and are taught the importance of health and safety.  During Year 9 they then have the option of taking up one of the several KS4 DT options available.  In DT there is a small cover charge is applied to each practical project which is then taken home.



Resources needed: During your lessons you will need a range of basic equipment such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler and colouring pencils.  Students are also required to bring their own ingredients for practical food technology lessons.






Year 7

Torch Project: Introduction to CAD/CAM, plastics and design for a target market.

[See image above]

Bottle Opener: Introduction to simple mechanisms, working with metals and ergonomic considerations.bottle opener

Pull-Along Toy: Introduction to working with wood and machine skills.pull along toy




Year 8

Electronics – Sensors, chips and basic electronic components

Graphics: CD Wallet.  Design and manufacture of a promotional free CD wallet using CAD skills.  Development of graphics skills and knowledge.

 cd case

Structures:  Team work used to design and build a structure that is tested to destruction.  Theory input and historical/scientific insight into structures and how they were and still are developed and used.






Year 9



In year 9 students choose a DT option of their choice to enable them to develop the subject specific skills needed for a GCSE course.  Projects could include the following dependent upon subject choice: 

Jewellery – prototype modelling and development of a metal piece of jewellery.

Mechanical Toy – Linkages to develop a simple card linkage toy and also a wooden mechanical toy using cams, pulleys and linkages.

Graphics – Sustainable Pie Packaging for a fast food outlet.

food wraper 1 food wraper 2
wooden fishes dandt_clip_image029
dandt_clip_image031 dandt_clip_image033