Inclusion Department

Hearing Impaired Provision

The Hearing Impaired Provision (HIP) supports students who have a permanent sensori-neural hearing loss and an Education and Health Care Plan, due to the impact of their hearing loss on learning.

The department has a student-centred communication approach with students developing their speaking and listening skills while also using sign-supported English or BSL as required.

A dedicated team of qualified Teachers of the Deaf, specialist support assistants and CSWs support deaf learners throughout the day both in mainstream classes and in small parallel teaching and intervention groups within the resource base. The focus is on equipping students with the skills they need to be successful independent learners and confident communicators. A specialist speech and language therapist works with students individually and in groups two days per week. We have HI  student mentors who are trained to help younger students when they join the department and representatives on the school’s student bodies.

The HIP also provides deaf-friendly training for all mainstream staff, deaf awareness lessons for hearing pupils and a BSL club to ensure an inclusive environment for all.

All students have a provision profile which shows how their individual needs as a deaf learner are being met by the HIP

The department is housed in purpose-built accommodation which includes 3 acoustically treated small group teaching rooms, an audiology room, an exams room and a staff workroom where students can go to speak to staff etc.


Pre and post tutoring daily ( 8am and 3 pm)  -

In class note-taking and visual reinforcement

Small group work and parallel teaching

Specialist assessments

Specialist interventions -literacy/communication/

social skills etc.

Audiological support (HA/CI/RA/Soundfield)

Sign support (SSE/BSL)

Teachers of the deaf linked to subject specialisms

Access arrangements for exams

Support books – class notes/ visuals/differentiated resources

KS4 Supported studies – core curriculum reinforcement

Glossaries/ word banks and phonetics for vocabulary development


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