Main Uniform Boys Main Uniform Girls
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black trousers
  • School tie - See Below
  • Black V Neck Jumper (Optional)
  • Black socks
  • Plain black shoes
  • Art apron
  • Plain black or navy raincoat, duffle coat, anorak
  • Plain black school bag
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • House badge (supplied by school) on lapel
  • White Shirt and School tie (see below for tie information
  • Conventional style black skirt, knee or just above knee length  worn with black opaque tights OR conventional style black trousers with black socks
  • Lilac blouse (School design)
  • Black V Neck Jumper (Optional)
  • Plain black shoes
  • Art Apron
  • Plain black or navy raincoat, duffle coat, anorak
  • Plain black school bag
Hair Policy
In line with our school uniform hair should be smart and worn in preparation for the work place. Hair should not be dyed in bright or unnatural colours and should not be multi-toned and should not have patterns or otherwise shaved into the hair. Outlandish hair styles are not acceptable and are at the school’s discretion. In terms of health and safety long hair must be appropriately tied back for practical lessons.
PE Kit Boys       PE Kit Girls
  • Polo top black and blue with school badge
  • Black shorts with blue badge
  • Tracksuit bottoms black with school badge
  • Fleece Jumper black with school badge NO HOODIES ALLOWED
  • Black football/hockey socks
  • Shin pads - colour optional
  • Mouth guard (recommended) for hockey, colour optional
  • Trainers, colour optional no plimsolls.
  • Football Boots (optional) colour optional
  • Black swimming trunks
  • Swimming hat, colour optional
  • Swimming goggles, colour optional.
  • Polo top black and blue with school badge
  • Black shorts with school badge
  • Tracksuit bottoms black with school badge
  • Fleece jumper, black with school badge, NO HOODIES ALLOWED
  • Black leggings/cycling shorts (Sport only)
  • Mouth guard (recommended) for hockey
  • White socks
  • Black hockey/football socks
  • Trainers suitable for all types of sport, colour optional no plimsolls
  • Black Swimming Costume
  • Swimming hat, colour optional
  • Swimming goggles, colour optional
  • Shin pads, colour optional
Outdoor Clothing
It is preferable that students wear navy blue or black raincoats, duffle coats, anoraks etc.
Protective Clothing
In Art, students are expected to wear aprons.


Each year group has a different coloured tie which carry over into the next year, ties do not need to be replaced each year. The colour tie for each year group from September 2021 is as follows:-

  • Year 7 – yellow
  • Year 8 – purple
  • Year 9 – green
  • Year 10 – blue
  • Year 11 – red

They cost £4.50 each and can be bought from the school reception.


ALL items should be labelled with student’s name.
ALL items are available from retail stores,  Lucilla’s, Carolina or Unistat - details listed below.

Please note: The clothes should be of conventional style – NOT fashion garments. The following footwear is not allowed for either boys or girls: Canvas shoes, Converse style shoes, plimsolls; trainers; high heels; platforms; strapless/backless shoes; Vans; Kicker trainers; Nike Airforce trainers; shoes with contrasting stitching or logos, sequins or beads, suede shoes, flat or pump style shoes. The following garments are not allowed for either boys or girls: hoodies, sweatshirts, black long sleeved cotton tops, black round necked jumpers. If in doubt, please contact the school outfitters or the school before purchasing the items. No other jackets, other than blazers, should be worn in school. May we also remind you that for Yr 7, 8 and 9 students no make up is to be worn. However, students in Yr 10 and 11 are permitted to wear a little make up including clear nail varnish. No acrylic nails are to be worn. If girls wish to wear headscarves they must be either plain black or plain white.


179 Cranbrook Road, Ilford 020 8554 5133

708 Chigwell Road, Woodford Bridge 020 8504 6420

153 High Street, Barkingside, 020 8550 2119
Email: info@uni-stat.com



Uniform Date  
Carolina Price List 2020 23rd Jun 2020 Download
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