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Thanks to at Cambridge University for an interesting and informative trip for our Year 12 students


And its a wrap! Best wishes and good luck to all the year 13 students.


CHS Poetry Board


New ASD provision coming along for September opening


Cultural Awareness Day at Caterham for staff and students.


Thanks to ex student Aymen for returning to school to speak to students from Years 9, 10 and 12 about her time at and her new role at BBC Sports.


Congratulations to the students of the week from Years 13, 12, 11 and 7


As part of enrichment day Year 12 students walked to high beech


Year 13 field study trip to Rainham Marshes to complete their practical assessment


Thanks to ex student Mahatir who came back to speak to the year 10 students about his career as an ITV News Journalist


Year 11 and 13 students at the London Institute of Banking and Finance


If you’re a former student of Caterham High School, we want to hear from you! Your experiences could help to motivate and inspire our students to feel more confident in making decisions about their future. Join our alumni by clicking here 👉


Exciting opportunites for the following job roles: •Specialist ASD/Autism teacher •Deputy SENCO with responsibility for Autism Provision •SENDCO Click on the link below to apply now:


Thanks to for the informative online event with Ernst & Young for our Year 12 students


Thanks to for supporting the Year 9 students who participated in the Be Internet Citizens workshops.


MP speaking to the head students after the recent school elections.


Retweeted From Wes Streeting MP

Great morning at with for their Be Internet Citizens day with year 9. High energy, great content, highly topical - covering issues like disinformation, hate speech, and staying safe online.


Mr Casey delivering National Careers Week Assembly to Year 9 students


National Careers Week. Check out the BBC Bitesize Careers on NCW TV


Check out the National Careers Week virtual careers fair


National Careers Week


Head Student hustings underway. Lots of great questions from our student body. Day tomorrow!


Thanks to for meeting with the potential head students and giving them valuable advice about campaigning. Good luck to all of them.


Sixth Form taster day for Year 11s.


Year 10 and 11 students had the opportunity to watch Macbeth and A Christmas Carol


National Apprenticeship Week 7-13 February


Thanks to and for inviting our Year 11 students to the studios to find out more about careers at BT Sport.


Please use the following link to join our on Wednesday February 9th at 6.30 pm


Join our Sixth Form Community. Open Evening Wednesday 9th February to be held online 6.30-7.30pm.


Thanks to John Brecknell, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Queen's Hospital for speaking to some of our Sixth Form students interested in medicine about his career and the new medical apprenticeships.


Thanks to and for inviting some of our year 10 students to visit University of Oxford for a tour, lunch and taster sessions.


Online safeguarding course opportunity available - please see the attached flyer for more information.


Holocaust Memorial Day. Thanks to for giving students from years 11,12 and 13 the opportunity to hear from Eva Clarke BEM who is only one of 3 babies born in a concentration camp who survived.


The year 12 drama students took some rehearsal pictures today for their portfolio projects . They are devising a piece on Dementia and they are hoping to raise funds for this illness. Their work is based on the theatre practitioner Artaud

Parent Information

Parents Guide

Caterham High School values its Sixth Form students very highly and places great value on the contribution that each individual student makes to the school community as a whole. The school believes that it is the good working relationship between parents, carers, students and staff that will help guide student’s development to realise their full potential - academically, socially and emotionally.

Life in the Sixth Form is different to that in the lower school. It is when students develop from being a child to an adult. They are expected to take increasing responsibility for their learning and management of their time.

Year 12 and 13 students can expect to receive support and guidance with their applications to universities or apprenticeships. Any students wanting to attend university open days and interviews have permission to do so providing the Sixth Form Office is notified in advance. Please note that the school will only authorise up to 3 days for University Open Day visits.


Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the School and are required to uphold and embody the standards expected of them. Students in the Sixth Form must maintain consistently appropriate personal standards of dress. Dress Code guidance is available on the school website or in the Sixth Form Handbook.

Failure to uphold the Dress Code could, in the first instance, result in a student being asked to return home and change into appropriate attire. In the case of repeated instances, it could result in a consideration of the student’s position in the Sixth Form.


Students’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are the most significant factors in bringing about all forms of success at Caterham High School.

No student can become the best they can be unless they develop positive behaviours in respect of their relationships with others, their conduct around school and their attitude to their own learning and future.

Students are required to undertake a range of tasks and activities that demand high levels of independent learning. Students need to be able to prioritise tasks and make effective use of their Study Periods—these are not to be used as free time or to “have a break”!

Where students encounter difficulties, experienced staff will provide support and guidance.


Through a combination of research evidence and experience, we have compiled the typical characteristics of students who enjoy the highest success in the Sixth Form (in terms of grade outcomes and progression). This is not meant to be prescriptive as each student is an individual, but can be used as a guide to monitor student effectiveness.

Typical characteristics of the successful sixth form student include:

  • Attendance at school and lessons is 96% or higher.  Students must be punctual to school and lessons.
  • Completes at least 4 hours of independent study for each subject studied per week. Where this is not directed by the teacher, students should read around the subject, revise and consolidate understanding independently.
  • Submits independent study tasks IN FULL and ON TIME.
  • Works no more than 10 hours in paid/voluntary employment.
  • Has a goal, knows what they want to do and is proactive in ensuring that they are doing what is needed to achieve their goal.  Invests time in setting goals and researching strategies.
  • Is effective at time management – uses their planner, to-do lists and timetables in order to prioritise work, meet deadlines and stay on top of work Is organised and always attends lessons fully prepared – paper, pens, equipment etc.
  • Engages with teachers and tutors – asks questions and is clear about how to raise their achievement.
  • Makes effective use of their Personalished Learning Checklists (PLCs)
  • Engages with parents about their learning – what they’re studying, how they’re doing, what they’re planning to do to  improve.
  • Uses peers to improve own learning and study habits through discussion and collaborative working.
  • Uses effective revision strategies (e.g. visual methods, practise papers, collaborative working) and employs them throughout the year, not just prior to examinations.
  • Enjoys a healthy work-life balance – devotes time to other pursuits, hobbies, social activities.


You are the expert on your child. Your support, encouragement and practical help can make a spectacular difference.

Take an active interest by ensuring your child has the necessary space to complete tasks at home. Discuss with them what homework they have and from time to time, check that they are up to date with assignments or projects. Encourage your child to make effective use of their planner or diary. This enables your child to plan and prioritise leading to taking greater responsibility. However, it is essential to work hard on all chosen subjects even if they are proving difficult. Check your child is completing at least 4 hours of independent study per week on each subject. Establish a routine where your child knows when it is time for study and time to relax.

Frequent, short study sessions can be more effective than studying for long hours on end. Your child will need an effective learning space away from distractions preferably not in a room with siblings or the TV. Turn mobiles off when studying!

Crucial support in the run up to exams

  • Talk with them about what they would find useful/helpful
  • Help provide any equipment they need
  • Contact school if you or they have any worries
  • Praise, support and encourage when reserves are low
  • Encourage healthy eating, exercise and sleep 
  • Provide suitable conditions for study and help to devise a revision plan for each subject

Spotting signs of stress & ways to deal with it

  • Trouble sleeping due to worry
  • Short tempered, snappy, tired
  • Crying, headaches
  • Poor appetite
  • Loss of interest in things they used to enjoy
  • Panic attacks

Encourage your child to take time off and take some exercise. Going for a short walk allows you time to relax and think things through. Try to listen and maintain their perspective.

If you have particular concerns, then please feel free to contact the school and we will be more than happy to work things through with you.

Sixth Form Staff

Phone: 020 8551 4321 (ext 524)


Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 5) Mr É Casey 
Head of Sixth Form Ms A Machnicki 
Sixth Form Manager Mr T Edworthy 
Sixth Form Attendance & Admin  Ms J Vincent
Sixth Form Email


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