Psychology A Level

We study the AQA Syllabus, with key modules chosen to appeal to young people: 

Year 12

  • Approaches to Psychology
  • Biopsychology including an introduction to neuro-science
  • How memory works
  • Attachment in childhood
  • Conformity and obedience
  • Abnormality and psychiatric illness
  • Scientific methods in Psychology

Year 13

  • Relationships – Love and Marriage
  • Aggression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Issues in Psychology

Careers in Psychology

Careers opportunities include  educational psychology, clinical psychology and forensic psychology. 

Psychology graduates  are also employed in a wide range of jobs including, community work, television research,  vocational guidance, advertising and marketing, journalism, public relations, police-work,  insurance, social care, the health service,  market research, human-resources management, teaching,  counselling and advisory services, industrial training, careers, the civil service, retail management, charity organisations, radio, journalism, health education, writing.

Psychology is an excellent A Level for those who wish to study medicine at university as it covers such topics as neurology, depression, stress and psychiatric illness. 

40% of all cases seen by doctors involve psychiatric illness.