Year 11 Parents Information

Please note there will be an additional Year 11 Parents' evening on 2nd April from 3.30pm - 6.30pm.

Year 11 Revision Workshops – Practice and recap

Year students took part in a range of workshops on 8th January 2019 to develop their revision skills in preparation for the summer exams. Sessions on effective mind mapping, use of flashcards, key words and general revision techniques were covered. The students also attended an assembly focused on motivation and the science of learning.

The link below is a copy of the workbook that students and parents can use to support revision.



Page Downloads Date  
Helping your child to revise.pdf 12th Oct 2018 Download
How to Deal with Exam Stress.pdf 12th Oct 2018 Download
Year 11 Parents Information Evening 2018... 12th Oct 2018 Download
Subject Examination Boards 15th Oct 2018 Download
Year 11 Study Skills Booklet 08th Jan 2019 Download