Key Stage 3

 The main points of Key Stage 3

·         begins with an introductory unit which marks a transition between primary and secondary phases and introduces students to the style of RE at Key Stage 3;
·         involve students in a thorough investigation of the Christian tradition;
·         involve students in an investigation of aspects of the Buddhist tradition (a tradition that is only touched on lightly during the primary years);
·         involve students in an investigation of at least one other religious tradition, whether a major tradition (eg Hindu, Muslim or Sikh), a group within major tradition (eg Roman Catholic, Sai Baba movement, Muslim Sufi tradition, Nihang Sikhs) or a minority tradition (eg Bah’aI, Rastafarian or Zoroastrian);
·         incorporate serious consideration of secular/non-religious world views.


KS3  RE units overview

Students, by the end of the key stage, are expected to demonstrate that they understand what it would mean for people to follow their chosen religious/secular traditions in today’s world. However recent changes in GCSE arrangements make it possible for students to sit a GCSE (Short Course) called Worship and Belief which can be combined with the year 10 unit to make an extra whole GCSE. We began doing this in 2010 with excellent results.