Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Name  Role Subject
Dr A Atkins Head Teacher  
Ms A Haastrup-Onilogbo Deputy Head Key Stage 3 Science
Ms H Davis Deputy Head  Key  Stage 4  English
Ms M Gooding Business Manager  
Mr M Gillham Assistant Head Key Stage 3 Science
Ms S Plume Assistant Head Key Stage 4 Modern Languages
Mr E  Casey Assistant Head Key Stage 5 Bus & Comm.

Year Leaders and Pastoral Support

Name Role Subject
Mr T Coker Year Leader 7  
Mr M Osman Year Leader 8  
Ms K O’Brien Year Leader 9  
Ms R Fletcher Year Leader 10  
Ms D Glaser Year Leader 11 Drama
Mr A Jennings Year Leader 11 P.E.
Ms  K Parker Year 11 Pastoral Support Assistant  
Ms A Machniicki Year Leader 12 P.E.
Mr M Buadi Year Leader 13 Business Studies


Name Role Subject
Mr D Earl Subject Leader Art
Ms L Brandreth Qualified Teacher Art
Mr R Leech Qualified Teacher Art
Ms M O’Connor Art Assistant  

Business Studies

Name Role Subject
Mr N Ullah Subject Leader Bus.&Comm.
Mr M Buadi Teacher Responsibility Post Bus.&Comm.
Ms S Frederick Qualified Teacher Bus.&Comm.
Mr  E  Casey Assistant Head Key Stage 5 Bus & Comm.

Creative Design and Technology

Name Role Subject
Ms S Scerri Curriculum Area Leader CDT
Ms V Langloh Qualified Teacher CDT
Mr D Cameron NQT CDT
Mr T Case CDT Technician  

Department of Ethnic Minority Achievement

Name Role Subject
Ms F Louca Subject Leader  DEMA
Ms S Reed DEMA Support Assistant  
Ms L Launder DEMA Support Assistant  
Ms D Bex Learning Support Assistant  
Ms E Bradbeer EAL Bilingual Support Assistant  


Name Role Subject
Ms D Threadwell Subject Leader Drama
Mr B O’Sullivan Qualified Teacher Drama


Name Role Subject
Ms K Taburet Curriculum Area Leader English
Ms A McGivern Deputy Curriculum Area Leader English
Ms J  Hundleby Teacher Responsibility Post English
Mr N Speight Qualified Teacher English
Ms C Malik Qualified Teacher English
Ms T McIntyre Qualified Teacher English
Ms S Begum Qualified Teacher English
Ms M Taylor Learning Support Assistant  

Food Tech/ Textiles

Name Role Subject
Ms S Buxoo Subject Leader Food Tech.
Ms J Kennett NQT Food Tech.
Ms N Colley Food Tech Assistant  

French/ Spanish

Name Role Subject
Ms J Taylor Subject Leader Spanish Spanish
Mr E Charpentier Subject Leader French French
Ms D Morales Qualified Teacher Spanish
Ms S Plume Assistant Headteacher  
Ms D Alarcon-Mcallister Qualified Teacher French


Name Role Subject
Mr C Hunter Subject Leader Geography
Ms B Gabbidon Qualified Teacher Geography


Name Role Subject
Ms L Hutchins Curriculum Area Leader H.I.P.
Ms C Strath Qualified Teacher H.I.P.
Ms S dam Qualified Teacher H.I.P.
Mr B Schulte Qualified Teacher H.I.P.
Ms N Landon HIP Special Support Assistant  
Ms F Welling HIP Special Support Assistant  
Ms L Da Costa HIP Special Support Assistant  
Mr C Cann HIP Special Support Assistant  


Name Role Subject
Ms N Weinfass Subject Leader History
Mr A Darr  Qualified Teacher History


Name Role Subject
Mr J Ince Subject Leader ICT
Ms D Kumar Qualified Teacher ICT


Name Role Subject
Ms R Tribak Curriculum Area Leader Mathematics
Mr R Ali Deputy Curriculum Leader Mathematics
Ms P Byles Teacher Responsibility Post Mathematics
Ms P Ojha Qualified Teacher Mathematics
Mr A Ali Qualified Teacher Mathematics
Ms P Sanger Qualified Teacher Mathematics
Ms M Younis NQT Mathematics

Media Studies

Name Role Subject
Mr P Carpenter Subject Leader Media Studies


Name Role Subject
Mr D Neville Subject Leader Music
Mr T Mackenzie Qualified Teacher Music


Name Role Subject
Mr A Jennings Subject Leader P.E.
Mr J Middleweek Deputy Subject Leader and House Co-ordinator P.E.
Ms A Machnicki Qualified Teacher P.E.
Ms M Patten Qualified Teacher P.E.
Mr M Tinker Qualified Teacher P.E.
Ms J Cresswell Qualified Teacher P.E.
Ms V McMahon School Games Organiser P.E.
Ms L Whymark School Games Organiser P.E.


Name Role Subject
Mr B Johnson Qualified Teacher Psychology


Name Role Subject
Ms N Hartney Subject Leader P.S.H.C.E.
Ms G Chakravarthi Responsibility Post R.E
Ms S addique Qualified Teacher P.S.H.C.E. / RE
Mr R Olaneye Qualified Teacher P.S.H.C.E. / RE


Name Role Subject
Mr R Inayat Subject Leader Science
Mr C Constantine Qualified Teacher Science
Mr B Denney Teacher Responsibility Post Science
Mr B Koomson Teacher Responsibility Post Science
Ms M Naik Qualified Teacher Science
Mr G Ocansey Qualified Teacher Science
Ms K Sembi Teacher Responsibility Post Science
Ms R Mir Qualified Teacher Science
Mr J Spall NQT Science
Ms S Dawson Science Technician  
Ms K Jacobs Science Technician  
Ms J Parish Science Technician  


Name Role Subject
Mr R Parker Curriculum Area Leader SEN
Ms A Mifsud Assistant Learning Co-Ordinator SEN
Ms S Ali Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms  J  Smith Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms J Prabhakar Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms S Sheikh Qualified Teacher SEN
Ms J Bunyard Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms J Elliott Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms H Felix Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms J Hiller-Addis Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms S Akhter Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms P Marchant Special Support Assistant SEN
Ms J Mercer Special Support Assistant SEN


Name Role Subject
Ms E Christofides Subject Leader Sociology
Mr A  Ali Qualified Teacher Sociology

Administration, Education & Business Support

Name Role
Ms D Lennon Student Services Team Leader
Ms P Richards Business Support
Ms R Curpen Finance Officer
Mrs K Smith Examinations Officer
Ms C Conway Business Support Manager
Ms R Sandhu Data Manager
Ms R Bergin Cover and HR Assistant
Ms V Adesanya HR Manager
Ms D West Administrative Assistant
Ms D Murdoch Receptionist
Ms L Meilack Welfare Assistant
Ms A Herbert Cover Supervisor
Ms R Hannan Cover Supervisor
Ms J Vincent Administrative Officer 6th Form
Ms R Sian Business Support

Facilities/ Premises Team

Name Role
Mr J Boulahlib-Toffs Communities Facilities Manager
Mr A Fletcher Caretaker
Mr G Ball Assistant Caretaker
Ms C Maile Handyperson
Mr M Fletcher Pool Attendant
Ms C Kaur Midday Assistant
Ms P Marchant Midday Assistant
Ms M Prior Midday Assistant
Ms K Sehmby Midday Assistant
Ms D West Midday Assistant
Ms M Taylor Midday Assistant
Ms Z Ullah Midday Assistant
Ms R Hannan Midday Assistant
Ms J Elliott Midday Assistant
Ms B Thondrayen Midday Assistant

ICT and Multimedia

Name Role
Mr J Kalmakrian Resources Manager
Mr F Patel IT Systems Manager
Mr A Parker ICT Technician
Ms A Shikhil ICT Apprentice


Year 6 Prospective Parents Evening and Morning Wednesday 20th Sepember at 6.45pm and Friday 22nd September at 9.30am.
Year 6 Parents Open Evening and Morning. We look forward to seeing you there.
Opportunity for Year 9 students to enrol and complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Gold Duke of Edinburgh award open to Year 12 students. Please see Ms Conway for further details.
Congratulations to all the Sixth Form students in the A2 Finance group who have received an offer of a Scholarship from the London Institute of Banking and Finance.
Congratulations to Sixth Form Students Nabihah Akhtar, Louie Furne, Nathan Hart, Mushifqur Rahman,Kerthna Sivathas.Daniel Louis for getting the offer of a scholarship The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) Scholarship "I am delighted to advise you that your son/daughter is among almost 20% of our Finance students who have achieved an offer of a scholarship, based on their outstanding results in their Level 3 LIBF qualifications, during the 2016-17 academic year. As a result of their hard work and the support provided by the Business and Economics Department, the LIBF have reserved a £500 scholarship for your son/daughter provided they meet the following criteria: Apply to study one of the LIBF degree programmes via UCAS Receive an offer Meet the conditions of the offer and confirm their place This is a fantastic achievement for your son/daughter. Scholarships will be paid to students in their first semester of their studies with the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) degree programmes have proved to be popular with students who have studied their qualifications at Level 3. These degree programmes are focused on careers in financial services and are ideally suited to students considering a career within the Banking, Finance and Investment fields. The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) has been rated as joint fifth place in the UK and second in London for student satisfaction amongst Higher Education providers, with 92% of its students reporting that they were satisfied with the quality of their course. Although your son/daughter may decide to further their education on a different career path or at another HE institution to the LIBF, this is an outstanding token of recognition for their hard work and achievement in this subject. We are very proud of their success"
New Catering Company - This Week's Menu 🌽🍔🍟🍗🍴
Welcome back and a very warm welcome to our new Year 7 and 12 students
CHS 1 in 5 receive Offers Record 2016 & 2017
Reminder Years 7 and 12 return to school on Wednesday 6th September at 8.30am. All other years return at 11.00am on Wednesday 6th September.
CHS 1 in 5 receive Offers Record 2016 & 2017
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