Key Stage 5


Philosophy cartoon
RE at Key Stage 5 (RE becomes Philosophy)
In view of the above, there is a marked change of character for sixth form work. We study the OCR Religious Studies Philosophy syllabus at A level (Units G571/572 and G581/582). No prior study of RE is required but since assessment is by essay, students must be able to write structured prose.
 Philosophy includes a critical study of the common ideas of God, Soul, Evil, Creation as well as a comprehensive view on the history of ethics including Utilitarianism and Natural Law.
A Sixth form revision conference in London has long been a favorite activity since it provides a chance to meet other students and hear advice from the examiners.
Greater emphasis is placed on analytical and critical reasoning skills where the students demonstrate their ability to follow and evaluate the arguments of the great philosophers.
The Philosophy AS has proved to be quite a popular option and all the students who move on the A2 have passed in recent years.
Students  Comments               
”I like RS because we talk about moral issues, you know, stuff that comes up in the news. I can also
share with the class my views on some of the topics studied”.