Caterham Geographers


About Success


Every student should have

1. Basic equipment for every lesson. This means we can spend our time helping you to learn. By basic equipment, we mean: pens pencils, ruler, book and colours. (Yes, we know! But geography isn’t all colouring).
2. It helps if you have an atlas at home. If you are not sure about which one is best, have a word with your geography teacher.
3. Your free 1:25000 Ordnance Survey map of East London. You were given this in Year 7 and you can use it to help with your map skills.
4.  GCSE students should try to read a good newspaper or watch the news regularly. You would be surprised just how much you will be helped, after all Geography is about our world.
5. We recommend that both GCSE and A Level students subscribe to the magazines aimed to help them. For GCSE this is “Wide World” and for A Level, “Geography Review” We will be able to get these at a good price for you but you will have to subscribe through the Geography Department.