'A-Level Dynamic Landscapes' Useful Websites


here is a list of websites recommended to help you with your study of this part of your geographical investigations module.
Competition for Coasts.
www.encams.org - the website of Environmental Campaigns. A very long and detailed examination of beach visitors and their needs.
www-biol.paisley.ac.uk/bioref/Habitats/dunes1.html - a very good and detailed virtual field-trip of sand dunes.
www.history.ac.uk/ihr/Focus/Sea/articles/walton.html - an interesting and not too long account of the growth of the British seaside resort
Coping with the Pressure
Encams website again 2006 Blue Flag Manual - looking at beach quality and the impacts of tourism.
Increasing risk
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost-benefit_analysis - a useful article on cost-benefit analysis
http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/ - go to this website and type “heritages coast” into the search box for a detailed overview. you can then look at each coast via the sub-menu.
www.herb.hull.ac.uk/erosion/index/htm - a basic interactive site that illustrates erosion of coastal land.
www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/ecolodge/25/erosion.htm - studies rapid rates of erosion on the Holderness coast.
Coastal management
www.ehsni.gov.uk/biodiversity/hap_uk/coast/icm.htm - general information on coastal zone management from the Northern Ireland Environment Office.
www.field-studies-council.org/publications/foldout.aspx - sand-dune plant identification sheet.
www.geographypages.co.uk/stiffkey.htm- how to use the ACFOR scale (simple plant recording).
www.englishnature.org.uk/livingwiththesea/project_details/good_practice_guide/HabitatCRR/ENRestore/AccompanyingReport.pdf - a report from Natural England about coastal management from the perspective of habitat restoration.