Student Advice:

  • REGULARLY save your work (Ctrl-S every few minutes)


  • ALWAYS choose short sensible names and add a version digit (pasta1, ecole1, mobile1 in week 1; pasta2, ecole2, mobile2 in week 2 etc)


  • ALWAYS keep a back-up on a memory of important files


  • NEVER double click on a file that is on a memory stick


  • NEVER leave a memory stick in the USB socket after copying files


  • AVOID very large files (If you are working on a big school project, have separate files for design, evaluation etc; if you want to have extra images to make your work look good, add them towards the end of your project)


  • NEVER add an image without seeing what it does to the file size (right-click and properties shows you how large a file is). An image from a CD might need to be resized with a graphics program; an image that you scanned in will probably need to be only 100dpi and then be tidied up in a graphics program.


  • DO USE a virus checker if you have one


  • NEVER run any program which you cannot trust