Student Council

The School Council meets half – termly drawing on comments and suggestions from Year Council Meetings with elected school representatives from each tutor group across the school. The School Council is led by Ms. Davis, KS4 Deputy Head Teacher and comprises 14 students from Years 7 – 13, two from each year group who have been selected by their peers. Student representatives take it in turns to chair and minute the meetings. Topics discussed include raising money for charity, school meals, school uniform, facilities across the school and pupils’ attitudes to learning, behaviour and respect at school. Ms. Davis informs the Senior Leadership Team of all School Council meetings and liaises with the relevant staff to ensure that comments and suggestions are followed up. School Council representatives feedback to their year groups as to topics discussed and the way forward.

Within the past year we have invited different members of the school community to our meetings to discuss certain aspects of school life, such as the Headteacher, Dr. Atkins, our Business Site Manager, Ms. Gooding, our Canteen Manager, Mr. Blackwood and the Regional Catering Manager, Mr. Herman.

School Council Achievements 2015-2016

Caterham students are making a difference! This academic year we have achieved the following:


  • Introducing application forms and interviews for students who wish to be Year Council reps.


  • Introducing democratic whole school elections to for students who wish to be on the School Council.


  • Introducing ‘Make Your Mark’ for students to have a further opportunity to vote.


  • Participating in Redbridge Schools Council conferences.


  • Attending a borough Youth Council Debate.


  • Fundraising for charity.


  • Participating in Yr 10 Prefect interviews and assisting with the decision of which students were given the position of prefect.


  • Voting for a Jack Petchey nomination for a member of staff


  • In terms of facilities we requested and were granted that:


  • The Learning Resource Centre has a printer for all students to access.


  • The water fountains have been repaired in the playground.


  • A shelter is being purchased and installed by the Hall to keep us dry when queuing for lunch.


  • New drinks were introduced in the canteen.


  • More stools and desks are being purchased for Science labs.


  • We are looking into moving to Windows10 next year.


We have been very busy!


If students feel there are any problems arising with the school they should let their form representative know as soon as possible so that it can be discussed at Year Group Council meetings and then possibly at School Council Meetings. Remember it is your School Council and it is your say!