Student Testimonials

Annie Ding
Caterham is a lively and friendly community, where you are bound to make friends and develop your knowledge.
Luis Lopez
Caterham provides an environment of inspiration and acceptance that allows students from all backgrounds to thrive. Had it not been for the inspiring staff and its high teaching standards, I would not be on track to achieve my dream career. 
Elliot Mercer
What makes Caterham Sixth Form special is the opportunity for everyone to work hard and achieve, and to do so in a friendly and enjoyable environment.
The teachers work with everyone closely and always ensure that students get all the advice and help we need individually.
I am in the process of applying for university and I am aiming for the very top, as I know this is the level that I can reach, and the school has the same high aspirations for me.
Donya Mojtahed-Zadeh
Caterham is a really diverse, dynamic sixth form with a really friendly atmosphere.
I’m glad I came here!
Eleezay Raza
The sixth form has a very friendly and a competitive work environment, teachers are there to help you if you need it, and they are very encouraging.
Caterham is a school which puts students at the heart of its foundation.