Art & Design

Caterham High School Art Department has developed a taught curriculum that enables students to become independent and creative thinkers by teaching a broad range of technical skills at Key 3 and providing a wide range of different courses at Key Stages 4 and 5 to enable success for every student.

Key Stage 3

Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 3




Year 7

Formal Elements

Ceramics: Arts & Crafts

3D project: Masks

Year 8

Mythical Monsters

Ceramics: Pots

Green Man

Year 9

Sock Monsters

The Built Environment

Letters and Numbers


It is our vision to nurture and explore the artist within all the students. While doing so, students will:

  • Develop basic concepts of design and elements of art
  • Be enhanced intellectually by the history and style of the visual arts
  • Celebrate and respect works of art from global cultures
  • Create artwork that integrates emerging technologies as well as traditional techniques
  • Learn to analyze in a supportive and respectful manner the visual art works of others
  • Recognize visual arts as a continually evolving entity that incorporates many different media
  • Create pieces of art work that portray emotions and personality
  • Learn the skills to apply the arts to all areas of their academic, personal and professional lives
  • Develop a growing appreciation of the artist, works of art and development of the arts in the community


AS/A2 ART         

AS Art and Design is a progression on from GCSE Art. It can be taken as a one year course resulting in an AS Level qualification or continued to a higher standard at A2 Level to gain a full

The Course        

Unit 1: Coursework Portfolio

60% of the AS Mark

The first unit is set an extended project based on a theme, set by the Art Department. The work is assessed from the initial starting point through all stages of development to a final piece of work.

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment           

40% of AS Mark

For the second unit students choose from 5 inspiring starting points and produce work in 5 hours of supervised time, the emphasis is on development and can take any form, such as drawing, painting, and ceramic work.

Why choose Art and Design at A Level?

A Level Art and Design is excellent preparation for learners wishing to progress to art collage or engage in careers involving the visual arts, including:

Architecture, set design, fashion, book illustration, painting, sculpture, graphic design, web design and multi-media design.

The creative industries in the UK employ 1.1 million people. By 2013, the sector is expected to employ 1.3million people, likely to be more than the financial sector.

Even if a career in Art is not pursued this course will equip students with transferable skills that will improve their employability such as; organisation, innovation, creativity, confidence and flexibility.

Caterham High School Art department has a 100% AS and A2 pass rate and provides excellent facilities. The Art team has ceramic, print, photography and paint specialists to ensure students get experience the full range of art processes and have the support and freedom to refine their skills.

The course builds on skills, knowledge and understanding gained at GCSE, we expect students to have achieved at least a C at this level. Students who choose Art at A Level are expected to show commitment and motivation, perhaps most importantly an enjoyment of the subject and its challenges.

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AS Photography Lens based and light based media

Students are taught about a range of different photographic processes in both traditional and new technologies.

A historical and critical understanding of how Photography has changed since its invention and of how different photographers have employed different techniques and skills is recorded in a sketchbook alongside students practical work.

Students start using and understanding traditional processes in photography such as how to make and use their own pin hole cameras and understanding depth of field and then move on to manipulating digital images using Photoshop.  

The AS Photography course consists of two units.

Unit 1 (60% of AS Mark):

Students develop a body of work that focuses on two or more genres in Photography providing both written work and a portfolio of photographs.

Unit 2 (40% of AS Mark):

Is set by the examining body and is judged on a 5 hour supervised task that shows how the students develop their own ideas for a final piece of work.

Course requirements:

Photography has a high level of written content and therefore requires at least an English C grade at GCSE. Art AS students will be given priority for this popular course that has a reduced class size due to limitations imposed by darkroom practice.

Costs and Liability

Students are required to buy their own photographic paper and film, which they can get through the school. We have industry standard cameras that the students can sign out. When student’s sign out the school cameras they are accepting full responsibility and liability for loss, theft or damage to the camera and are culpable for any costs incurred.

Photographic Paper and Film

8”x10”                                  50p per sheet

5”x7” Glossy                      25p per sheet

5”x7” Pearl                         40p per sheet

B+W 36 Exp Film              £3 per roll


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