About Us:

The Mathematics Department situated in the main building is a well established team. There are 6 fully resourced mathematics rooms situated on the ground floor of the main building where most of the mathematics teaching takes place. The department is well organised and well equipped.  There are two computer rooms which can be booked for class lessons and technical support is available.

Amongst other advantages, all rooms in the department have a Promethean interactive whiteboard and an extensive variety of appropriate software.

While studying Mathematics you will be expected to:

  • Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems
  • Use logic and reason to solve problems
  • Break down problems into small steps in order to solve them
  • Use mathematics that you learn to solve problems that might happen in real life
  • Learn how to use a calculator to solve problems quickly and effectively

The department uses material from Oxford and Pearson as the main resources with MyMaths text books in KS3 and the new Edexcel GCSE throughout KS4. The department also aims to use a range of teaching methods which includes online assessments throughout the key stages.

The regular assessments and target setting encourage student achievement.  GCSE Mathematics is an important foundation for many of the courses you may take in employment or further education, and a requirement for many careers.

All students are assessed regularly and staff keep assessment records up to date. Homework is set regularly at least once a week to all classes.

Our Expectations

We expect all pupils to behave in a sensible and safe manner.

We expect all pupils to show respect to other people and treat them in the same way as they would expect to be treated themselves.This includes teachers, fellow pupils and support staff.

We expect all students to complete class work to the best of their ability, taking care with presentation and the quality of work produced.

  • Always date your work –underline it using a pencil and a ruler.
  • Title your work with chapter and page and underline it.
  • Rule off each piece of work.
  • Show clearly where homework starts and finishes.
  • Only use a black pen for writing.
  • Drawings must always be done in pencil.
  • Write necessary information only on the front cover
  • Margins must be drawn on all pages and the pages numbered.
  • Tipp-Ex is not allowed in exams. Try not to use this in class.
  • Do not tear pages out of books – you may have to pay for it!
  • Keep your work tidy.

We have high expectations of our students and aim to motivate them to achieve the highest grades possible.

We expect pupils to regularly complete the homework that is set.

We expect pupils to arrive to class prepared.This means bringing the correct equipment or resources for that lesson.

We believe that it is important that pupils of all ages can work individually and together in teams to explore and develop ideas.