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About us:

In Modern Foreign Languages at Caterham High School we aim to make the learning and teaching of French and Spanish a worthwhile and enjoyable experience, one which prepares pupils for today’s global village. We recognise the importance of speaking and writing in another language and therefore we offer our pupils maximum opportunities in lessons, on residential trips or day courses.

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Our department is divided into two: the French department and the Spanish department. We have three French specialists, two full time teachers and one part time who teach the subject from year 7 to year 13, and two Spanish specialists who teach the subject again from year 7 to year 13. We have three language rooms, all equipped with cd players, projectors and interactive white boards and we also have a multi-media Sanako language laboratory. The “lab” is also fitted with an interactive white board, cd player, projector and 30 integrated computers for pupils to use.  Each computer is linked to a main terminal that enables the teacher to use a variety of interactive activities practising our four skills (writing, listening, reading and speaking). Pupils also have access to this multi media lab during morning break, lunchtime and one hour after school.

We believe that it is important that our pupils have the opportunity to:

  • Work individually and together in teams to explore and develop ideas.
  • Realise the importance of understanding other cultures and values.
  • Embrace the learning of other cultures and values.
  • Understand the moral, social, cultural and emotional impact of learning a foreign language.
  • Use ICT as a tool to develop their knowledge and interests.
  • Develop their confidence in expressing their ideas to others and their own self esteem.
  • Develop their creativity by being curious, showing initiative, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Our Expectations
We expect all students to behave in a sensible and safe manner in lessons.
We expect all pupils to show respect to other people and treat them in the same way as they would expect to be treated themselves, this includes teachers, fellow pupils and language assistants.
We expect students to complete all class work to the best of their ability, taking care with presentation and the quality of the work produced.
We have very high expectations of our students and aim to motivate them to achieve the highest grades possible.
We expect students to follow the MFL homework policy and complete their homework when set every single lesson: the homework task must be written down in student planners.
We expect pupils to arrive at lessons and  with the correct equipment.