Dress Code


Dress Code and other regulations

Caterham Sixth Form is an extremely happy and safe community.   We want our students to get the benefit of an excellent education without interference of any sort. Our sixth form building is staffed at all times and excellent security measures are in place.

We have a number of sensible procedures to ensure that only genuine students have access to the premises and to ensure that staff and students are kept safe.


The wearing of sixth form identity badges

Students will be provided with an identity badge at the start of the year. They should  put their badge on when entering the school grounds and should wear it visibly at all times. (There may be exceptions when doing sport or working with certain types of equipment)

If a student has forgotten their badge they may enter school but should go directly to the Sixth Form area to obtain  a temporary ID for that day.  On no account may a student go anywhere else in the school until they have dealt with their ID situation. The badge is issued free of charge at the start of the year but if lost replacements will need to be paid for.

Dress Code

We do not have a uniform in the Sixth Form, however there is a smart dress code.
Students are expected to wear dark suits, (jacket & trousers or jacket & skirt) as well as dark shoes. 

Hooded tops, T Shirts and baseball caps are not acceptable. Students who ignore the dress code will be refused entry to lessons and will have to go home to change.


Student Planners

Students will be issued with planners which they should have with them at all lessons.
Apart from homework these may be used for recording data and booking the dates of important events such as exams and  careers conventions. Staff may sometimes use the diary to note issues of concern. We would ask parents to check and sign the diary and to contact the form tutor if the amount of homework being set seems inappropriate.

We believe that all of these procedures, together with the Sixth Form code of conduct, are sensible, reasonable and beneficial to our students well being and education.

We expect full co-operation from students and a high level of support from parents in maintaining high standards.