Science Key Stage 3

The Science Department at Caterham High School is committed to ensuring that all students make outstanding progress. The department aim to develop learners who have a passion for knowledge and the imagination to become the Scientists of tomorrow. Through a continual promotion of scientific careers, educational trips and enrichment opportunities we aim to ensure that a large number of our students are able to pursue careers in Science.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students following the Exploring Science curriculum which covers all of the Sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics at a foundation level. During Science lessons students will focus on Working Scientifically, developing their independent learning skills and communication skills. Students will also improve their literacy skills through completing extended pieces of scientific writing to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. Students are continually assessed throughout the course, completing assessment tasks and written exams.

Year 7 Topics

Year 7 topics



7A Cells, tissues, organs and systems

7B Sexual reproduction in animals

7C Muscles and bones

7D Ecosystems


7E Mixtures and separation

7F Acids and bases

7G The particle model

7H Atoms, Elements and Compounds


7I Energy and changes

7J Electricity

7K Forces

7L Sound

Year 8 Topics

Year 8 topics



8A Food and digestion

8B Sexual reproduction in plants

8C Breathing and respiration

8D Unicellular organisms


8E Combustion

8F The Periodic Table

8G Metals and their uses

8H Rocks


8I Fluids

8J Light

8K Energy transfers

8L The Earth and Space