Applied Science A/AS Level OCR


The Applied Science course is tailored towards students whose best work is produced in coursework, rather than the more traditional academic route. Both the AS and A2 are both split equally into three modules: two of these are coursework portfolios, and the third is externally examined. The focus of this A Level is on the applications of biology, chemistry and physics to industry and society. The course follows the OCR Applied Science syllabus.
Entry requirements.
Students need to have a C grade, or equivalent, in GCSE Science, English and Maths in order to be in a position to access the course, study for the exams, and complete the coursework requirements.
Year 12 (AS Level)
1.      Analysis at Work: this coursework portfolio involves the study of the uses of various chemical analysis (paper and thin layer chromatography, colorimetry, titration), and investigates the physics of energy sources, electricity generation and efficiency.
2.      Monitoring the Activity of the Human Body: this unit investigates the different ways that the body regulates itself, and how we can measure various factors to do with this, such as blood pressure. This is examined in January.
3.      Science at Work: this coursework portfolio involves the study of how science affects different organisations, from testing and sampling through to health and safety laws and risk assessments. The module also has a compulsory trip to a workplace to investigate how these affect one organisation in detail, and has been at King George hospital, and more recently to London Zoo!
Year 13 (A2)
1.      Biotechnology: this coursework portfolio consists of researching current applications of genetic technology, and how enzymes are used on an industrial scale, including building and investigating a bioreactor.
2.      Working Waves: this unit investigates the use of electromagnetic waves in fibre optics, thermal imaging, mobile and internet communication, and medical imaging. This module is examined in January.
3.      Investigating the Scientists Work: this coursework module consists of a long and detailed investigation and report.

Testing vitamin C levels