If a student is likely to be absent for a genuine reason such as ill health or bereavement we would ask parents to contact us by telephone 0208 551 4321 (ext 524), or email

If we are not aware of a reason for absence we will attempt to call or text parents in order to warn them that their child has not arrived at school. You may sometimes receive an absence text if your child was in school but arrived late for the lesson.

Why attendance and numbers of AS and A Levels really matters.

​Over the years there has been much debate about what is a satisfactory level of attendance for Sixth Form students, and also how large their programme should be. At our Sixth Form we expect students to have 100% attendance, and certainly no less than 96% attendance.

Results of studies by ALPs (the leading organisation providing analysis of student performance at Advanced Level and BTEC Level 3) provides some answers. They looked at all the data for AS, A2 and BTEC National students comparing the results for students with the same average GCSE scores. 

On attendance they found a clear correlation between attendance and performance. 

A student with a particular average GCSE score will do a grade better on average if they have 95% attendance than if they attend 85% of the time. Broadly speaking, miss 10% of College and you can expect to drop a grade.

The research on programme size showed that in no instances did students perform better on average by dropping from 3 to 2 A Levels. For most GCSE ability bands those with the larger programmes did better. Amongst the most able students those doing 4 do at least as well as those doing 3. 

They conclude that, ‘students taking 3 A Levels are likely to perform nearly half a grade higher across the 3 subjects compared to those taking just two A Levels. It appears that a busy student is also more likely to be a successful one.