Helping your child in Speech, Oracy and Communication

Often the forgotten strand of Literacy, this is the skills are that employers often complain young employees struggle the most with!

At Caterham we realize that Speaking and Listening are vital skills that need to be taught as much as Reading and Writing. Students are given wide opportunities in all subjects to develop their oral skills through a range of activities and approaches. Speaking and Listening activities may include- class debates, discussion in groups of a task or topic followed by feedback, individual talks, and drama activities. In P.E., for instance, students are given lots of opportunities to improve their oracy through teaching one another sports skills, and reflecting upon other students’ sports and dance performances. Teachers are committed to modeling good oral skills and communication in many different ways.

In addition, Caterham has for a number of years run regular Speaking and Listening weeks, where a greater emphasis is placed on oracy in all lessons.

So what can parents do to help children improve in Speaking, Oracy and Communication?

  • Talk to your children whenever you can! It’s true that in busy households it’s becoming more and more difficult for families to spend quality time talking in a reflective way about what everyone’s been doing. Mealtimes can often be the best time for families to get together like this.
  • Help your children to develop their vocabulary by suggesting better words they might have used in your conversations, in a constructive and friendly way!
  • Encourage them to take part in activities that involve presenting to an audience, such as a school assembly, parents’ evening, at a place of worship or community centre.
  • Discuss topical subjects of concern with them, for example, health issues such as doet, drugs and alcohol.
  • Encourage them to take part in social activities to broaden their experience of using talk, for example, drama groups, making and performing music with others, and taking part in voluntary or community work.