Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Name  Role
Ms B Chapple Headteacher
Mr K Smith Senior Deputy Headteacher (Standards)
Mr M Rudland Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral, Behaviour, Character, Community) 
Ms A Agyei Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral, Personal Development & Attitudes)
Mr É Casey Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding)
Ms V Cassettari Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Mr T Dean Assistant Headteacher (Quality of Education and Curriculum Learning) 
Ms C Lazic Business Manager
Mr C Hunter Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form)
Mr M Oakins Senior Leader, Sixth Form
Ms S Daly PA to Headteacher 

Year Leaders

Name Role Subject
Ms M Steel Year Leader 7 P.E.
Ms D Threadwell Year Leader 8 Performing Arts
Ms G Chakravarthi Year Leader 9 R.E/Citizenship
Ms M Lumsden Year Leader 10 English
Ms D Alphonse Year Leader 11 Geography
Mr M Oakins Senior Leader Sixth Form D.T.
Mr M Robson Deputy Head of Sixth Form Art

Pastoral Care Centre (PCC)

Name Role
Ms S Cassidy Pastoral Support Team Manager
Ms N Mehrban Deputy Pastoral Manager
Ms Natasha Davis Behaviour Mentor
Ms R Fletcher Pastoral Support Team
Mr R Pike Pastoral Support Team
Mr R McKoy Pastoral Support Team
Ms S Benning Pastoral Support Team
Ms S Badat PCC Administration Manager
Ms S Boparai Pastoral Administrator



Name Role Subject
Mr D Earl Curriculum Leader Art & DT Art
Mr M Robson Teacher Art
Ms D Norton Teacher Art
Ms T Gigg Art Technician Art

Business Studies

Name Role Subject
Dr E Ofer Curriculum Leader  Bus & Comm.
Ms M Bhutta Subject Teacher Bus & Comm
Mr É Casey Assistant Headteacher Bus & Comm
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher Bus & Comm
Ms I Imasuen Subject Teacher Bus & Comm


Name Role Subject
Dr E Ofer Curriculum Leader Bus. & Comm.

Design and Technology, Food and Textiles

Name Role Subject
Ms S Buxoo Subject Leader Textiles CDT
Mx Z Lomax Teacher  CDT
Ms C Kaur Food Tech Assistant CDT
Ms N Colley Food Tech Assistant CDT
Mr P Parkes Design and Technology Technician CDT


Name Role Subject
Ms H Tariq Curriculoum Area Leader English
Mr T Bibb Teacher English
Ms K Taburet Teacher English
Ms M Zahid Teacher English
Ms S Alexandridis Teacher English
Mr T Mahmood Teacher English
Ms M Lumsden Teacher English

French/ Spanish

Name Role Subject
Ms R Sernandez Curriculum Leader MFL
Ms l Proudman Teacher French/Spanish
Ms S Ricci Teacher French/Spanish


Name Role Subject
Ms N Weinfass Curriculum Leader & Associate Senior Leader Geography
Mr C Hunter Assistant Headteacher Geography
Ms D Alphonse Teacher/Head of Year Geography


Name Role Subject
Ms N Weinfass Curriculum Leader & Associate Senior Leader History
Mr I Abdulkhaliq Teacher History
Mr J Yusuf Teacher History

Inclusion Department

Name Role Subject
Ms V Cassettari Inclusion Lead Inclusion Department
Ms C Warnock SENCO SEN
Mr S Choudhury Deputy SENCO SEN
Ms A Misfud-Bonnici Inclusion Co-ordinator SEN
Ms M Taylor Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms K Sharma Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms L Hakes Higher Level Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms L Swick Higher Level Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms L Eales Teaching Assistant SEN
Mr B Schulte Teacher of the Deaf DEAF
Mr P Watson Teacher of the Deaf DEAF
Ms F Welling Education Communicator DEAF
Ms L Da Costa Teaching Assistant DEAF
Ms A Napier Deputy SENCO  ASD
Ms S Yates Teacher ASD
Mr N Newsam HLTA /P.E. Teacher ASD
Mr F Delaney HLTA ASD
Ms J Nica Lead EAL
Ms E Bradbeer Teaching Assistant EAL



Name Role Subject
Mr M Karim Curriculum Leader Mathematics
Mr M Miah Lead Practitioner Mathematics
Mr O Dhani Teacher Mathematics
Ms O Haydari Teacher Mathematics
Mr H Hamid Teacher Mathematics
Mr M Hussain Teacher Mathematics
Mr T Halstead Teacher Mathematics
Ms V Raveendran Teacher Mathematics

Performing Arts

Name Role Subject
Ms D Threadwell Curriculum Leader Performing Arts
Ms D Glaser Teacher Drama
Mr M Rudland Deputy Headteacher Music


Name Role Subject
Mr J Middleweek Subject Leader  P.E.
Ms C Semon Second in Charge P.E.
Mr E Bellinger Teacher P.E.
Ms M Steel Teacher P.E.
Ms C Marsh School Games Organiser P.E
Mr T Kiani Technician P.E.


Name Role Subject
Ms S Saddique Subject Leader P.S.H.C.E/RE
Ms G Chakravarthi Teacher Responsibility Post R.E
Mr R Olaneye Teacher Responsibility Post and House Co-ordinator P.S.H.C.E. / RE


The Safeguarding Team can be contacted on 

Name Role
Mr É Casey Designated Safeguarding Lead & Designated Teacher for LAC/PLAC
Ms S Dattani Safeguarding Manager & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr M Rudland Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Ms P Bance Safeguarding Officer
Ms A Agyei Safeguarding Team
Ms V Cassettari Safeguarding Team
Ms S Cassidy Safeguarding Team
Ms A Hogan Safeguarding Team
Mx Z Lomax Safeguarding Team


Name Role Subject
Mr J Paton Curriculum Leader Science
Mr N Hussain Deputy Curriculum Leader Science
Ms P Nijher Teacher Science
Mr R Samuel Teacher Science
Mr P Conlon Teacher Science
Mr T Vincent Teacher Science
Ms A Ahmed Teacher Science
Mr R Chowdhury Teacher Science
Ms K Jacobs Senior Science Technician Science
Ms S Suseelan Science Technician Science

Social Sciences

Name Role
Mr J Keens Curriculum Leader
Ms S Piggin Teacher
Ms D Karimov Teacher 
Ms N Akande Teacher
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher

Administration, Education & Student, Staff and Parent Services

Name Role
Ms J Lewthwaite Student, Staff and Parent Services Officer
Ms J Adams Student, Parent and Staff Services Manager
Ms R Hurst Student, Staff and Parent Services Officer
Ms B Pithia Student, Staff and Parent Services Officer
Ms B Dayal Admissions and Welfare Officer
Ms A Clark Attendance Manager
Ms D Venner HR Manager
Ms C Conway Media Lead, Careers and Educational Visits Manager
Ms R Curpen Finance Officer
Ms K Smith Examinations Officer
Ms K Dhiman Examinations officer
Mr  M Chowdhry  Data Manager
Ms R Ali Cover Administrator
Mr A Cohen Cover Supervisor
Mr S Ndungo Cover Supervisor
Ms J Vincent Senior Leader Project & Administration Support
Ms  M Protic SLT Administration
Mr S Lakhanpall Sixth Form Attendance and Administration
Ms G Millward Sixth Form Study Supervisor
Ms T Donoghue Sixth Form Study Supervisor

Facilities/ Premises Team

Mr S Goodheart Site Manager
Mr S Shanmuganathan Senior Caretaker
Mr J Boulahlib-Toffs Community Facilities Manager
Mr Y Osman General Assistant Lettings
Ms J Walker Fitness Instructor
Mr S Wesil Fitness Instructor
Ms C Kaur Midday Assistant
Ms P Marchant Midday Assistant
Ms M Taylor Midday Assistant

ICT and Multimedia

Name Role
Mr J Kalmakrian Resources Manager
Mr F Patel IT Systems Manager
Mr A Parker ICT Technician


Congratulations to the students of the week from years 7 and 9.
Thanks to Antonia and Kelly from the Amy Winehouse Foundation for running the workshops with year 8 students discussing mental health issues.
With the Euros in full swing, plenty of children are taking to the pitch ⚽🏆 but perhaps we can keep them active all year round. We’ve put together some expert tips on promoting physical wellbeing to children and young people.
Well done to the students of the week from Year 8.
With about to start, a little competition could be great fun 🏆 provided nobody crosses the line 🚫😠 This week’s guide lets you know how to nurture a healthy competitive spirit in children and young people, encouraging them to play fair.
The Safer Schools Team have asked all Redbridge schools to share this webinar with parents and carers. For further Safeguarding information please visit
Year 10 students went to an Escape Room - they played 'The Scheming Chemist' which tasked them with saving the planet from biological destruction., The students met the game designer and explored how these rooms are created. Paul, the designer then gave them a tour of another game answering questions and revealing an exciting career path.
The English Department entered some students in a poetry writing competition called Young Writers and we have had 9 students' poems published in the book titled "Winterland - Echoes of Winter" Congratulations to all the students.
For all its colourful presentation and similarities to other beloved child-friendly titles, Palworld is far from risk free 👹🌍We’re exploring the risks of this breakout gaming success 🎮
Goodbye and good luck to year 13 students.
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