Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Name  Role
Ms B Chapple Headteacher
Ms H Davis Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)
Mr M Rudland Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral, Behaviour, Character, Community) 
Mr K Smith Deputy Headteacher (Standards)
Mr É Casey Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding)
Ms V Cassettari Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Ms S Plume Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form)
Ms C Lazic Business Manager
Ms S Daly PA to Headteacher 

Year Leaders

Name Role Subject
Mr M Tinker Year Leader 7 P.E.
Ms D Alphonse Year Leader 8 Geography
Ms D Glaser/Ms A Copsey Year Leader 9 Drama/History
Ms A Adesina Year Leader 10 Maths
Ms G Chakravarthi Year Leader 11 R.E./Citizenship
Ms A  Machnicki  Head of Sixth Form P.E.

Pastoral Care Centre (PCC)

Name Role
Ms S Cassidy Pastoral Support Team Manager
Ms J SIngh-Jarrold Behaviour Mentor
Ms R Fletcher Pastoral Support Team
Mr R Pike Pastoral Support Team
Ms S Badat Pastoral and Attendance Administrator (KS3 and KS4)
Ms P Richards Pastoral and Attendance Administrator (KS3 and KS4)



Name Role Subject
Mr D Earl Subject Leader Art
Ms L Brandreth Teacher/Head of Year Art
Mr R Leech Teacher Art
Mr J Cook Technician Art

Business Studies

Name Role Subject
Dr E Ofer Curriculum Leader  Bus.&Comm.
Ms M Bhutta Subject Teacher Bus.&Comm.
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher Bus & Comm.


Name Role Subject
Dr E Ofer Curriculum Leader Bus. & Comm.
Ms D Kumaran Subject Teacher ICT & Computer Science
Mr A Khan Subject Teacher ICT & Computer Science

Design and Technology, Food and Textiles

Name Role Subject
Ms S Buxoo Subject Leader Textiles CDT
Ms S Williams Subject Leader Design and Technology CDT
Mx Z Lomax Teacher  CDT
Ms C Kaur Food Tech Assistant CDT
Ms N Colley Food Tech Assistant CDT
Mr P Parkes Design and Technology Technician CDT


Name Role Subject
Ms K Taburet Curriculum Area Leader English
Ms R Bashir Deputy Curriculum Leader English
Ms K Bassett Teacher English
Ms M Zahid Teacher English
Ms H Tariq Teacher English
Mr P Kennedy Teacher English

French/ Spanish

Name Role Subject
Mr E Charpentier Subject Leader  French/Spanish
Ms S Ricci Teacher French/Spanish
Ms D Morales Teacher Spanish
Ms S Plume Assistant Headteacher French


Name Role Subject
Mr C Hunter Subject Leader Geography
Ms B Gabbidon Teacher Geography
Ms D Alphonse Teacher/Head of Year Geography


Name Role Subject
Ms N Weinfass Subject Leader History
Ms A Copsey Teacher History
Ms L Kemal-Hilmi Teacher History

Inclusion Department

Name Role Subject
Ms V Cassettari Inclusion Lead Inclusion Department
Ms A Misfud Inclusion Co-ordinator SEN
Ms J Prabhakar Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms J Elliott Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms K Sehmby  Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms J Phipps Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms C O'Connor Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms M Taylor Teaching Assistant SEN
Ms C Strath Teacher of the Deaf HIP
Mr B Schulte Teacher of the Deaf HIP
Ms F Welling Education Communicator HIP
Ms L Da Costa Teaching Assistant HIP
Ms J Nica Lead EAL
Ms E Bradbeer Teaching Assistant EAL



Name Role Subject
Ms C Ejiofor Curriculum Area Leader Mathematics
Mr K Ali Deputy Curriculum Leader Mathematics
Mr M Miah Lead Practitioner Mathematics
Mr O Dhani Teacher Mathematics
Ms O Haydari Teacher Mathematics
Ms P Sanger Teacher Mathematics
Mr H Islam Teacher Mathematics
Ms A Adesina Teacher Mathematics


Name Role Subject
Dr E Ofer Curriculum Leader Bus. & Comm.
Mr P Kennedy Subject Teacher Media & English



Name Role Subject
Mr J Middleweek Subject Leader  P.E.
Ms C Semon Teacher  
Ms A Machnicki Teacher/Head of Sixth Form P.E.
Mr M Tinker Teacher/Head of Year P.E.
Mr  J Cloak PE Technician P.E
Ms C Marsh School Games Organiser P.E

Performing Arts

Name Role Subject
Ms D Threadwell Curriculum Leader Performing Arts
Ms D Glaser Teacher Drama
Mr M Rudland Deputy Headteacher Music


Name Role Subject
Ms S Saddique Subject Leader P.S.H.C.E/RE
Ms G Chakravarthi Teacher Responsibility Post R.E
Mr R Olaneye Teacher Responsibility Post and House Co-ordinator P.S.H.C.E. / RE


Name Role Subject
Mr R Inayat Subject Leader Science
Mr N Hussain Teacher Science
Ms P Nijher Teacher Science
Mr B Koomson Teacher Responsibility Post Science
Ms M Naik Teacher Science
Mr G Ocansey Teacher Science
Ms K Sembi Teacher Responsibility Post Science
Mr R Samuel Teacher Science
Ms S Stock Science Technician Science
Ms K Jacobs Science Technician Science

Social Sciences

Name Role
Mr T Edworthy Curriculum Leader - Social Science
Mr T Edworthy Curriculum Leader - Social Science
Ms N Yasmin Teacher
Ms P Brocki Head of Year 9
Health and Social Care  
Ms L Atoku Teacher 
Mr T Edworthy Curriculum Leader - Social Science
Ms P Brocki Head of Year 9
Ms H Abbas Subject Leader
Mr P Stubbs Assistant Headteacher
Mr T Edworthy Curriculum Leader - Social Science
Ms M Lumsden Teacher
Ms N Yasmin Teacher
Ms P Brocki Head of Year 9

Administration, Education & Business Support

Name Role
Ms M Vali Student Services Team Leader
Ms B Dayal Student Services/Reception
Ms D Murdoch Student Services/Reception
Ms D West Attendance
Mr S Toorawa Cover and Admin
Ms D Venner HR Manager
Ms C Conway Careers Leader/Business Support Manager
Ms P Richards Business Support/Pastoral Care Centre
Ms R Sian Business Support
Ms R Curpen Finance Officer
Ms K Smith Examinations Officer
Ms A Jhita Exams Assistant
Mr  M Chowdhry  Data Manager
Mr A Cohen Cover Supervisor
Ms J Vincent Sixth Form Attendance & Administrative Officer

Facilities/ Premises Team

Mr S Goodheart Site Manager
Mr S Blatchford Caretaker
Mr M Oakley Caretaker
Mr J Boulahlib-Toffs Community Facilities Manager
Ms C Kaur Midday Assistant
Ms P Marchant Midday Assistant
Ms M Prior Midday Assistant
Ms J Vincent Midday Assistant
Ms K Sehmby Midday Assistant
Ms D West Midday Assistant
Ms M Taylor Midday Assistant
Ms J Elliott Midday Assistant

ICT and Multimedia

Name Role
Mr J Kalmakrian Resources Manager
Mr F Patel IT Systems Manager
Mr A Parker ICT Technician
Mr S Hussain ICT Apprentice


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