Year 9 Options

Your child is now in the second term of Year 9 at Caterham and we are approaching the time when we need to consider students’ course programme for Key Stage 4, Years 10 and 11.

Students will continue to study some compulsory subjects – English, Maths, Science, PE (non examined) and RE (non examined).

There are important decisions to be made about which subjects should be studied over the next two years, taking into account the learning approaches of the students in preparation for future careers and adult life in general. We have a range of courses that respond to the varied needs and aptitudes of our students.

For a number of students an academic path is appropriate, for other students a more practical pathway or a mixture of both will allow students to realise their potential and be successful.

In the Spring Term we will issue a booklet and further information to outline details related to the  Key Stage 4 programme and the subjects in particular, as well as give information about the consultation procedure involved.


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