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Fantastic to visit today and pilot our in-school work with such an engaged & interested group of young people - brilliant questions & high ambitions. Thank you! 🧑‍🎓👩🏿‍🎓


Thanks to for speaking to the Year 12 students about their future opportunities and going into Year 13.


Year 12 students attended a careers event with speakers from talking about jobs at ITN, top tips on CV writing and interviews. Thanks to for inviting us.


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Congratulations Amara Copsey at for winning new teacher of the year at the Tes Awards 2021👏


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Ilford educator wins teacher of the year at Tes Awards 2021


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Huge congratulations to Amara and for winning! 🎉👏


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Huge congratulations to Amara Copsey, one of our trainee teachers, who has been named TES New Teacher of the Year. 🎉👏🏆


Ms Copsey is the UK Awards 2021 New teacher of the year Ms Copsey - a 'truly inspirational example' for new teachers, say judges


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Congratulations to Teacher of the Year 's Amara Copsey. A fantastic achievement 👏 We are so fortunate in Redbridge to have so many excellent schools and brilliant teachers like Amara inspiring local children & young people.


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Well done to Amanda Copsey New Teacher of the Year


Congratulations Amara Copsey! The UK winner of New Teacher of the year award. Fabulous news! is so proud of you!


Congratulations Amara Copsey! The UK winner of New Teacher of the year award. Fabulous news! School is so proud of you!


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Congratulations to Amara Copsey from , our new teacher of the year!


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Who is the new teacher of the year? It's between , , , , , and


Ms Chapple getting into the spirit of the by practising some penalty kicks!


Today we have had a whole day of football! Yr 7 students took on Mr Middleweek to win some England flags! After school our girls football activators will lead there own girls football event!


Today the Secretary of State for Education has written an open letter to parents encouraging continued regular testing, to support all the hard work schools and colleges have been doing to increase participation


Academic Success - Year 8 students Kamal, Hedila & Franky have been working really hard on their rhythm and compositional skills and have composed a wonderful short drumming piece based on the Clave rhythm. Their commitment to music is inspiring to see!


Academic Success - Paramgauru in Year 9 is very passionate about Maths. He has scored almost 100% on all the assessments and he is very determined. He answers many high-level GCSE questions. He shows clear workings and is very competitive.


Academic Success - Year 12 student Nanki's Spanish writing skills are superb. Nanki is an individual that pushes herself to give the best of her ability. Brilliant!


Academic Success - Fantastic work from Dia in year 9 who completed this amazing drawing summarising the tension between Macbeth and Malcolm in Macbeth


Academic Success - Year 12 student Naki's Spanish writing skills are superb. Naki is an individual that pushes herself to give the best of her ability. Brilliant!


Academic Success - Year 12 A Level students Demi and Hope showing their fantastic artwork.


Academic Success - Year 9 student Eliza produced a well-presented newspaper article about a conflict event she found interesting. She had to research and put into her own words what happened, who was affected and the situation now.


Academic Success - Nashita in Year 8 scored full marks on her French higher paper assessment and also used the negative form in French. Her commitment to the subject is remarkable! Well Done!


Well done to Holly, Callum and Khushi in Year 7. All wrote outstanding final outcomes for their historical enquiry on the Elizabethan Golden Age. They are historians in the making and the history department is very proud of their accomplishments!


Academic Success - outstanding artwork from Year 8 student Ashley


Academic Success stories, well done to Year 9 students Rafia and Jasmin for their outstanding essays on Lady Macbeth. They had clearly put in extreme amounts of effort.


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At the end of we remember just how important has been during this pandemic. The challenge is not yet over and we continue to says thanks to ! Caterham High School


Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day - Alice Morse Earle


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Wonderful project at Caterham High School!


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Fantastic project 👏


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Caterham’s day of peace. Year 7s human dove. Can you spot Ms Chapple?


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Wonderful 👏🏽 Great work by all the staff and students!


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Ms Chapple and Mx Lomax taking part in ‘caterham’s day of peace’


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Caterham’s day of Peace


Retweeted From Caterham High School 🌈

Caterham’s day of Peace


Community Languages

If you are proficient in all four areas of language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) you may take examinations at A2 Level. It will be your responsibility to look at past papers and prepare yourself for the examination. Recent subjects taken include: Spanish, German, Turkish, Urdu and Arabic. Other Language examinations are available.

Personal & Social Education (PSE)

All students participate in the course in Personal and Social Education, including Careers Education, Citizenship, discussion of moral issues and lessons in the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Employability Skills

All students participate in a number of employability and WorkSkills sessions that are run throughout the year, including the following areas:

  • CV and Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Time Management

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in a two week Work Experience placement in the summer term.

We also offer Industry Insight days and apprenticeship opportunities to students throughout the school year. We offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Gold Level.

The Extended Project (EPQ)

The Extended Project is a single piece of work of a student’s choosing that requires evidence of planning, preparation, research and independent learning. It is available as a stand-alone qualification for A Level students or may form part of a diploma qualification.

An Extended Project might be:

  • a design;
  • a report with findings from an investigation or study;
  • a dissertation presenting an argument;
  • an artefact;
  • a performance.

The Extended Project offers opportunities for learners to:

  • have significant input into the choice and design of an extended piece of work;
  • develop and apply decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, initiative and enterprise;
  • extend their planning, research, critical-thinking, analytical, synthesis, valuation and presentation skills;
  • use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for Higher Education and career development.

The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are directly relevant to, and useful for, university-level study. Students can refer to the Extended Project in their UCAS personal statements and at interview to demonstrate some of the qualities that universities are looking for.

Future Learn

Future Learn offers you a powerful new way to learn online. Every course has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through storytelling, discussion, visible learning, and using community support to celebrate progress.

We learn best when we share and debate ideas with fellow learners, to understand their different experiences and perspectives and to fill the gaps in our own knowledge. But not everyone likes being social, so rather than sending our learners off to separate discussion forums, you can add your comments alongside the content.

You can start by reading what other people have to say about the topic, and then join in when you’re ready. If you particularly like a comment, you can choose to follow its author so that you can easily find the people and comments that are of the most interest to you.

Each partner university has designed a complete learning experience, presented by leading academics in their field. Rather than broadcast long classroom lectures, ideas are introduced via high quality videos and articles. You can then discuss what you’ve learned, testing your new knowledge with interactive quizzes that offer helpful responses and the opportunity to try again if an answer is wrong. Every course tells a story, step by step, with challenges and helpful tips along the way, to test and build your understanding.


Careers Advice


vInspired is a program actively engaging students, or young people, with volunteering opportunities. Not only does it offer a range of volunteering opportunities but also rewards students for their volunteering efforts.

VInspired works in a way that is flexible for students so that it does not get in the way of academic studies or exam preparation. The students either find opportunities themselves, get presented opportunities by a teacher or both.

Students complete a number of hours of volunteering which are then recorded the VInspired website, which keeps track of how many hours a volunteer does. It also sets milestones or goals in the form of set hours for the student to achieve when volunteering. The goals are 10 hours, 30 hours, 50 hours and then 100 hours. Once the student has completed a level of volunteering, say 10 hours, they are then eligible for a reward in the form of a certified and recognized certificate that looks amazing on CV’s and is a good topic of conversation in an interview or personal statement.

My vInspired journey began when Mr Ali introduced the program to Sixth Form students.

As part of my volunteering for vInspired, I volunteered at a Care Home in Barkingside, where I go twice a week and visit residents who otherwise might have anyone, or very few people to talk to and interact with. I visit multiple residents within the home and speak to them about their lives, and mine. I believe the work I do at the care home is beneficial for the residents as it gives them a break from the normal routine of the Care Home, and gives them a fresh face to interact with.

I also volunteer at my old scout group helping young scouts with skills I learnt as a scout myself -  interacting with them, helping organizing and running activities, which is beneficial for them as it teaches them more practical skills outside the academic world.

I have also helped with school events such as Parents’ Evening and Open Evenings. I feel that my voluntary contributions to my school, as well as that of other Sixth Form students helps to allow these kind of events to run smoothly.  

As a result of my voluntary contributions I have received the V50 award, which is 50 hours of volunteering, and I am now currently working toward the final V100 award.

I would definitely recommend the vInspired program to other students, and people in general who want to give back to the community. vInspired has allowed me to show that I have gone the extra mile by doing something different and devoting time to a cause, or multiple causes, which is something well worth doing.

I am very glad that Mr Ali decided to run this Program within the Sixth Form as it has helped me and am sure it will help other students in gaining new experiences, and helping other people and causes.

Morgan Barlow- Clark, Year 13

Work Experience/Summer Schools/Open Days

Students in year 12 will be given the opportunity to complete a 2 week work placement. This gives the student an insight into the working world, allowing them all to gain practical knowledge. There are many benefits of work experience:

  1. Careers education and guidance: raising pupils’ awareness of the factors which may determine career choice and the requirements of particular employment sectors.
  2. Attainment in individual subjects: enhancing pupils’ understanding of the skills developed within the curriculum.
  3. Support for vocational qualifications: improving pupils’ understanding of the areas they are studying and acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills.
  4. Learning about the world of work: preparation for the transition from education to work and recognising a wide variety of employability skills such as problem solving, flexibility and the ability to work with others.
  5. General personal and social development: enhancing their self-confidence, maturity and their interpersonal skills.
  6. Breadth of curriculum experience: support for pupils’ learning in a range of areas which will prepare them for adult life, such as understanding of social, economic and industrial issues, citizenship and enterprise.
  7. Health and safety: helping raise pupils’ awareness of the importance of following health and safety requirements in the workplace.
  8. Key Skills: offering opportunities to collect evidence which can go towards developing key skills.
  9. Career Planning: contributing to the development of a young person’s career plan, including applying to university.
  10. Motivation and achievement: helping raise pupils’ motivation and self-esteem through experimental learning.​

The Sutton Trust support programmes for students from low income backgrounds, but their summer school programme will soon open for applications

sutton trust

in2science summer science placements could be useful, which I’ll raise at the group session tomorrow (again for students from low income families)

in 2 science

The Nuffield Foundation also run bursaried summer science work experience placements

nuffield foundation placements

Paid School Leaver Programme - Step Forward - see powerpoint on right hand side

Hospital based work experience

For students looking for hospital based work experience and interview training there are places available for a Summer 2016 Camp at project India. This is perfect for those applying next year or the year after.

hospital work experience

Summer work experience camp for your aspiring doctors:

There is a special two-week camp between 14th -28th August 2016 that is designed to help prepare students for medical school entry.

The camp includes shadowing different doctors for up to 10 days, mock interview training, clinical training sessions and advice from current UK medical students on entry to medical school.

Full details of the camp can be found here

Medical Work Experience Courses

Work Experience Course Letter

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. It aims to give all young people the chance to develop skills for work and life, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.

Its balanced programme of activities develops the mind, body and soul in an environment of social interaction and team working.

The students achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections:

  • Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community
  • Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities
  • Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal interests
  • Expedition: planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad

At our Sixth Form, we have students availing of the opportunity to complete the DofE Gold Award. The groups are coordinated by Ms Marsh who provides the necessary support for them to achieve their goals and complete their award.

The DofE promotes independence and encourages students to undertake in rewarding volunteering projects both in and outside of school. Examples include working in charity shops, assisting primary schools, participating in community work and running countless lunch and after school clubs. 

In addition to volunteering students develop their own skills both mentally and physically by undertaking in a range of activities. To round off their award they undertake in an expedition, two weekends away learning to camp, cook and navigate, working as a team to complete their objectives.

Financial Times Secondary Schools

Please click on the link below to register for the FT Secondary Schools Programme for information on preparing for life after school.

Please click on the link below to access the Financial Times:  

Please note this link is IP restricted and will only open within your school's network. 

We recommend that you register with and create their own individual accounts. This will give you access to the FT from anywhere, allow you to download and use their app and other tools.