Reporting and Assessment - Caterham High School

Reporting and Assessment

Students progress is assessed in a variety of ways.  As well as the traditional “test”, children are assessed during group work and oral work. They also show their understanding by assessing other students work.

All students receive an annual report (Progress Report).  This is issued at different times of the year for each group. 

On an individual basis, teachers advise students on ways in which they can improve.  There is also a Parents’ Sheet which we ask you to sign and to make comments on your perception of your child’s achievements.  We ask you to return this to the Form Tutor.  Students in years 7-10 also receive an interim report.  This is a one page “snapshot” of your child’s progress.

The Parental Consultation Evening allows you to speak to your child’s subject teachers. Students make appointments of around 10 minutes each with every teacher who teaches them.  There is also an opportunity to speak to the tutor and Year Leader. 


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