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Returning to School From Monday 8th March 2021

From Monday 8th March we will be returning to school for normal face to face lessons.

If you are unable to attend school due to self-isolating at home, you must follow your live lessons through Microsoft Teams.

  • You are expected to follow your full timetable, five lessons plus tutor time every day
  • You are expected to log in to Microsoft Teams so you can hear your teacher and see the lesson
  • You are expected to do the work in the lesson unless your teacher gives you another activity to do
  • You may be set a different activity (for example in a practical lesson)
  • If for any reason you cannot access the live lesson at home you should complete all previous work set for your subject and access subject work that your teacher has placed on Teams for you
  • Teachers will be mindful to reduce your screen time when you are learning from home, so lessons will not be a full hour
  1. If you are learning from home due to self-isolating and your teacher is absent:
  • You will be informed on the school website daily if your teacher is absent. Please check this daily so you are not waiting for a live lesson to begin unnecessarily.
  • You must look at the resources placed on Teams for your subject so that you can complete the work set instead of having a live lesson so that your learning can continue.
  • Make sure you complete the work and send it back on Teams for your teacher to mark.

    2.  If you are learning at home you should:

  • Know your Caterham username and password to be able to access Teams. If you don’t know it, email your Head of Year
  • Tell your Head of Year if you have a mobile phone, a lap top, or a computer
  • If you have technology you will be able to use Microsoft Teams for your learning
  • When you have done some work you can send the work on Teams to your teachers for marking and feedback to help you with your learning

    3.  If you do not have a mobile phone, laptop, or a computer you should:

  • Email or telephone your Head of Year to tell them
  • We will either provide a laptop for you (if you are eligible) or send a paper pack to you.
  • We will send paper packs to you by post so you can learn at home
  • You need to send the paper work back to school or it can be dropped back to school Reception
  • Your teachers will mark it and give you feedback to help you with your learning

    4. If your technology fails:                            

  • If your technology fails and you are unable to access the lesson or any of the resources, please ask your parent/carer to call the school to inform us so that we can pass the message to your subject teacher.
  • If your technology continues to fail for 5 lessons or more, please ask your parent/carer to call the school to inform us so that we can pass the message to your subject teachers and provide you with paper packs for home learning.

If you are unsure about what to do, you should email or Teams your Head of Year or ring the school on the usual number: 020 8551 4321 if you cannot email.