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Home Learning Access – January 2022

When students are self-isolating due to Covid restrictions we are able to provide live lessons via Microsoft Teams. We will arrange this with teachers to ensure they are expecting students. Students will need to log into Teams at the time of the lesson and join the lesson on-line.  

Steps to join live lessons:

  1. The parent or carer must notify the school: m.protic@ecaterham.net when their child tests positive for Covid through a LFT and/or PCR test.
  1. Ms Protic will reply by email. Make sure you read this email.
  1. If students are well enough to do so, parents or carers must inform Ms Protic on m.protic@ecaterham.net or call 0208 551 4321. Live lessons will be made available the day after notification from the parent or carer.  

Students should attend live lessons using Microsoft Teams following the guidance below.

  • You are expected to follow your full timetable, five lessons plus tutor time every day
  • You are expected to log in to Microsoft Teams so you can hear your teacher and see the lesson. If you do not log on in the first ten minutes of the lesson, the teacher may be unable to invite you into the lesson. Please message your teacher on Microsoft Teams if you are waiting to join the lesson 
  • You are expected to do the work in the lesson - if you do not have your book, then work on paper
  • You may be set a different activity (for example in a practical lesson)
  • Teachers will be mindful to reduce your screen time when you are learning from home, so lessons may not be a full hour
  • For PE practical lessons, students should participate in activities as set on Microsoft Teams 
  • If for any reason you cannot access the Microsoft Teams live lessons at home, you should email m.protic@ecaterham.net or call 0208 551 4321

Some teachers may be absent – for example because of illness. Absent teachers will be posted on your year group Teams messages. When a teacher is absent students should go to https://www.thenational.academy/ to carry out appropriate tasks and learning activities linked to what they are currently studying in lessons. 

If a student has problems with accessing Teams contact m.protic@ecaterham.net or call 0208 551 4321. If a student has not got access to a laptop or computer contact Ms Lazic on C.Lazic@ecaterham.net or call 0208 551 4321.