Pastoral Care

We have sought to create a caring environment in which children and young people feel that we are available to listen to them, guide them and where necessary to take action on their behalf. Discipline and related matters also come within the pastoral care structure.

Each year of the school has its own Year Leader.  Students are introduced, before they arrive, to the Year 7 Leader, one of whose chief responsibilities is the induction of new students. The Year Leader visits ‘feeder’ primary schools, arranges visits to the school during the working day so that incoming students can experience the environment of future school life, albeit briefly, also meets the Headteacher and class teachers of the primary schools to talk about individual needs.

Form tutors have immediate day-to-day responsibility for the welfare of their students and work closely with Year Leaders in maintaining an ordered and caring environment. The school policy is for Year Leaders to move on with their students in order to maintain continuity of relationships. They are available to meet parents by appointment and emphasis is placed upon the fact that we want parents to feel free to get in touch over any matter which causes them concern.

Any establishment of over 1,200 people working together needs rules. We try to stress self discipline, co-operation and consideration of others in actions and words, by regularly involving students in discussion about issues, such as the need for rules, appropriate solutions and rewards. We hope that all we do will help us achieve our aims as a school. We have high expectations of our students and actively encourage them to meet these standards - these are reflected in the School’s Behaviour Policy. These standards also include the wearing of our school uniform.