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Schools are large communities of different people, these include new year 7 pupils up to those in their final years of education before heading into employment or a University to forge a career. Alongside these pupils we also have a variety of different staff, the obvious being teachers, however we also have those who help specialist areas such as the Hearing impaired unit, the EAL support team, caretakers, teaching assistants, lifeguards and pastoral leaders. The house system is designed to help bring this large diverse group of people together in order to share skills, learn new ones, share experiences and develop new friendships and rapports.

We perform this by assigning all school members, both pupils and staff to one of six houses. The houses have a form from each year group and a variety of staff to compliment. Each house is named after an individual who has made a positive and defining contribution to British society and culture, these are (Isambard) Brunel, (Isaac) Newton, (Emmeline) Pankhurst, (Mary Jane) Seacole,  (Elizabeth) Windsor and (Steven) Redgrave. These individuals are from different backgrounds and have had their own particular impact upon our society and are key figures into shaping the Britain we live in today. It is hoped the members of each house can take from their patron's achievements and apply their positive elements to their own endeavours, in turn helping them to become the members of society that will make a positive contribution to their community.

With the house system in place it provides the school with a chance to give deserved praise and recognition to our pupils that achieve, persist with challenges and carry themselves with a character that is becoming of a positive member of society. This recognition primarily comes in the form of House points in lessons and around school and allows them to keep a personal tally of what they have collected. This is in tandem to helping their house collect the most out of all the six houses in order to win that year's Caterham House Cup competition. Alongside this method of winning house points pupils can also earn extra through entering the Caterham Community Challenges. These are events held throughout the year and include; The Treasure Hunt, Caterham's Got Talent, University Challenge and a number of other departmental events. These events are voluntary, outside of the classroom and a chance to show off teamwork skills alongside working with pupils from different year groups and backgrounds. We cap these events off with the Caterham House Activity Day, this is similar to a sports day and is a chance for the whole Caterham Community to come together and strive to do their bit and have some fun along the way.

If you would like to find out more about the house system why don't you ask your child how they have got involved and their experiences. You could even encourage them to take part in a challenge they may not yet have tried.