Curriculum Intent


It is our ambition that we provide an inclusive curriculum, which aims to raise aspirations and equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to ensure they are prepared for the next stage of education, employment and adult life. It is designed using an understanding of excellent subject and pedagogical knowledge so that pupils can make outstanding progress. The curriculum equips students to have the cultural capital to be successful in life, appreciating human creativity and achievement.

We tailor the curriculum offer to be relevant to the context of our diverse, multi-cultural community being responsive to the changes that are characteristic of an East London demographic. We ensure a breadth of study and ambition for all learners, looking to overcome the barriers and challenges that may be part of some children’s lives. 


The curriculum is taught and assessed, using pedagogical subject expertise with a clear focus on the sequencing of learning to ensure that knowledge and skills are mastered (the science of learning).

Teaching is designed to ensure the experience of all learners is engaging and creates a passion for the subjects being taught. It is based on high quality and well-planned questioning and feedback that leads to every individual being fully supported and challenged to meet their potential.

Regular formative low stakes ‘assessment for learning’ takes place throughout to address misconceptions and aid planning of the ‘next steps’, while summative assessments are designed to moderate and support judgements.

A culture of being ready, being respectful and being safe underpin the behaviours and attitudes to learning. The enrichment and pastoral curriculum support the learning process and aid personalised and collective personal development.


Our students will have an enriched experience that develops their knowledge, skills and attributes to become well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of life and are equipped to be positive citizens, with an understanding of how their culture is an important part of their development and experiences.

They will achieve outcomes beyond those expected, so as to enhance their academic aspirations ensuring they have high quality opportunities. Our ambition is that all students will flourish and thrive as a consequence of our curriculum, teaching and enrichment.       

Curriculum Offer:

At key stage 3 students receive a broad and balanced curriculum offer which includes study in the following subjects:

English Maths Science
Geography History Computer Science
French Spanish Religious Education
Art Music Drama
Physical Education PSHCE Design Technology (Food, Textiles & Resistant Materials)

At key stage 4 students choose 4 option subject alongside a core offer of GCSE English, Maths, Science and non examined PE and PSHCE. Details of courses can be found on the website page Beyond 14.

At key stage 5 students choose from a range of pathways over two or three years offering both level 2 and level 3 courses. Details of pathways can be found on the website page Sixth Form.