Extra Curricular Activities

Before School Club

Club Day Time Room Staff Member
Year 11 Revision Club Every Day 8.00am-8.25am 215 Ms Taylor
SEND Club for Invited Students Every Day 8.00am-8.25am G7 SEN Staff


Lunchtime Clubs

Club Day Time Room Member of staff
EAL Monday,Wednesday,  Friday                       1.00-1.40pm     LRC Ms  Reed
SEND Club for invited Students Daily 1.15-1.45pm G7 SEN Staff
Sign Language Club Tuesday 1.00-1.40pm G2 HIP Staff
HIP HWK Club Wednesday 1.00-1.40pm G2 HIP Staff
Year 11 Study Support Mondays and Thursdays 1.00-1.40pm 102 Mrs Fletcher
AS Chemistry Intervention Tuesday 1.00-1.40pm 207 Ms Naik
Drama KS4 Intervention Monday 1.00-1.40pm Drama Studio Ms Threadwell
Drama KS5 Intervention Tuesday 1.00-1.40pm Drama Studio Ms Threadwell
School Band Tuesday 1.00-1.40pm Music Mr Mackenzie
LGBT + Safe Space Tuesday 1.00-1.40pm See Staff With Rainbow Lanyard Mr Neville
Debate Club Wednesday 1.00-1.40pm S5 Mr Ali
Drama Club Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 1.00-1.40pm Drama Studio Ms Threadwell
Sociology Club Wednesday 1.00-1.40pm 222 Ms Chrisofides
Music Rehearsal Time Monday Music Rooms Mr Neville

After School Clubs

Club Day Time Room Member of staff
Maths Club Wednesday 3.05.405pm Room 6 Mr R Ali
SEND Club for Invited Students Every Day 3.05-4.05pm G7 SEN Staff
Media Catch Up Club Thursday 3.05-4.05pm 104 Mr Carpenter
KS3 Drama Club Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm Drama Studio Ms Threadwell
Choir Monday 3.05-4.05pm Music Mr Neville & Mr Mackenzie
GCSE Music Practical Coursework Session Wednesday 3.05-4.05pm Music Mr Neville
GCSE Music Listening Exam Revsion and Music Rehearsal Time Thursday 3.05-4.05pm Music Mr Neville
Drama Intervention for GCSE/A Level Monday 3.05-4.05pm Drama Studio Ms Threadwell
Film Club Wednesday 3.05-4.05pm Room 222  Mr Ali

PE Winter Clubs 2018

Pe club timetable winter 2018