Welcome from the Head Students

An institution, a community, a partnership...Caterham, the place where our students strive not only for academic achievements, but also where we make sure that students are part of an indisputable astonishing community. Caterham ensures that every student is bestowed with social and academic aptitudes that will provide guidance and support. This is, without a doubt, the school that promotes and creates the stepping stones of a new future.

This school is so much more than just an educational institution, it’s a place full of delight and jubilation, a place where everyone is welcome to express themselves and have their voices heard. A strong sense of friendship and connection with one another is what makes us do our best and aspire to be our best selves.

Community... this is what makes Caterham stand out among the rest. We remember stepping foot into the school and having everyone welcome us, on our first day. The comfort in your surroundings makes Caterham feel like home. From staff to students, everyone is polite and supportive. Staff availability ensures that students are always striving for the top, no matter what hurdles they face.

Having a remarkably positive relationships between not only students amongst themselves, but also teacher to student, and teacher to teacher is a vital component that Caterham High School encourages. One of our aims is to make sure that all students that attend Caterham High School can have the freedom to express their ideas. The intra-relationship at this school is above and beyond most of the other comparable educational institutions in the UK. Values we hold at Caterham are respect, kindness and hard work, to prepare students for their brightest futures.

Andreea and Mugtar - Head Students