Student Council

School Council Achievements 2016-2017

Caterham students are making a difference! This academic year we have achieved the following:

  • Holding ‘Make Your Mark’ elections
  • Participating in Redbridge Youth Council conferences.
  • Attending a borough Youth Council Debate.
  • Participating in Redbridge Youth Council election.
  • Fundraising for charity.
  • Participating in Yr 10 Prefect interviews and assisting with the decision of which students were given the position of prefect.
  • Nominating Kishan Sharma, School Council Chair for a Jack Petchey award.
  • Voting for a Jack Petchey nomination for a member of staff
  • Creating School Council posters for display around the school
  • Establishing a Behaviour Action Group
  • Contributing to a new behaviour policy
  • Establishing an Anti-Bullying Action Group
  • Achieving a budget for School Council for the first time in the school’s history
  • Delivering  Litter Assemblies to encourage students to pick up their litter more
  • Planning work to receive an Eco Award
  • Purchasing a School Council Suggestion Box