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Congratulations to Alexandrina in Year 7 who won this week’s  which was to do an act of kindness. She made her mum this beautiful gift as well as cleaning the house, making lunch and helping her Grandma and her friends!


Online Lessons - Important Information Dear Parents and Students We have decided to change the way we join our lessons on Teams. All students will now access their lessons on Teams through their subject classes, not through teacher invitation. No lessons have been cancelled.


Happier January 2021


Speakers for Schools Career Talks Thurs 14th January 5-6pm Shai Weiss, CEO, Virgin Atlantic Airways for KS3-5 Join us to hear Shai Weiss share insights into his own career journey and discuss how he became CEO of .


Online Safety - Parents Workshop Wednesday January 13th at 10am – Please see link below Wednesday January 27th at 6pm – Link to follow


Letter from the Headteacher Ms Chapple - re Remote Learning can be viewed on the school website at


Did you know? Remote learning via Microsoft Teams can be accessed with PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


Letter from Ms Chapple regarding and


programme for 11-18s - further information can be found at


Information regarding Years 11, 12 and 13 Exams this term


From Classroom to Care Home - just before Christmas the staff donated, made up and delivered hampers to local care homes, Birchwood Residential, Belmont Lodge, Sherrell House, Springfield Care Home and Homesdale.


From Classroom to Care Home - just before Christmas the staff donated, made up and delivered hampers to local care homes, Birchwood Residential, Belmont Lodge, Sherrell House, Springfield Care Home and Homesdale.


Letter from the Headteacher Ms Chapple - 5th January 2021 can be also be viewed on the school website at


Safeguarding Information for Parents/Carers and Students Further information also available for online safety can be found at


Further information for online safety can be found on our website.


Further information for online safety can be found on our website.


Further information for online safety can be found on our website.


Further information for online safety can be found on our website.


Brilliant article about the CHS Christmas Concert written by student


Brilliant article about the Caterham High School Christmas Concert written by student Saambavil


To make a simple face covering information is available from


Please see the school website for information for Year 13 students from Mr Stubbs, Assistant Headteacher - Sixth form, and Ms Machnicki, Head of Sixth Form.


Please see the school website for information from Ms Chapple, Headteacher, on the January opening of school for students.


We are looking for volunteers who can help us with our coronavirus testing. We will provide training, PPE and regular testing for volunteers. If you are able to help us please contact for details. There are a number of roles we need to fill. Ms Chapple


Caterham High School – Christmas Concert 2020


Do They Know it’s Christmas? - Caterham High School Staff 2020


Well Done to student Holly who won ‘student with the most house points’ for Windsor.


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department getting into the festive spirit with Tony Boney and the Chemistree!!


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A taster of what is to come in the Winter Concert!


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Students and staff wearing Christmas Jumpers in aid of Save the Children!


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We had in school today!


Staff and Students wearing Christmas Jumpers for


students dissecting a lamb's heart.


House Competition


Webinar covering top tips, hints and insights on finding medical work experience. Topic: Hot Topics In The NHS Date: Wednesday, Dec 9 Time: 07:00 PM (London time) Registration Link:


student did brilliantly in the . He was awarded a Golden Certificate, Best in Year Certificate and Best in School Certificate. Students from years 9 10 and 11 took part - in total the school received One Golden, Four Silver and Five Bronze Certificates.


practical assessment.


Please find the link to the Secondary School Survey below – it will take less than 10 minutes to complete. If you do have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Student Information


If a student is likely to be absent for a genuine reason such as ill health or bereavement we would ask parents to contact us by telephone 0208 551 4321 (ext 524), or email

If we are not aware of a reason for absence we will attempt to call or text parents in order to warn them that their child has not arrived at school. You may sometimes receive an absence text if your child was in school but arrived late for the lesson.

Why attendance and numbers of AS and A Levels really matters

Over the years there has been much debate about what is a satisfactory level of attendance for Sixth Form students, and also how large their programme should be. At our Sixth Form we expect students to have 100% attendance, and certainly no less than 96% attendance.

Results of studies by ALPs (the leading organisation providing analysis of student performance at Advanced Level and BTEC Level 3) provides some answers. They looked at all the data for AS, A2 and BTEC National students comparing the results for students with the same average GCSE scores. 

On attendance they found a clear correlation between attendance and performance. 

A student with a particular average GCSE score will do a grade better on average if they have 95% attendance than if they attend 85% of the time. Broadly speaking, miss 10% of College and you can expect to drop a grade.

The research on programme size showed that in no instances did students perform better on average by dropping from 3 to 2 A Levels. For most GCSE ability bands those with the larger programmes did better. Amongst the most able students those doing 4 do at least as well as those doing 3. 

They conclude that, ‘students taking 3 A Levels are likely to perform nearly half a grade higher across the 3 subjects compared to those taking just two A Levels. It appears that a busy student is also more likely to be a successful one.

Dress Code

Caterham Sixth Form is an extremely happy and safe community.   We want our students to get the benefit of an excellent education without interference of any sort. Our sixth form building is staffed at all times and excellent security measures are in place.

We have a number of sensible procedures to ensure that only genuine students have access to the premises and to ensure that staff and students are kept safe.

The wearing of sixth form identity badges

Students will be provided with an identity badge at the start of the year. They should  put their badge on when entering the school grounds and should wear it visibly at all times. (There may be exceptions when doing sport or working with certain types of equipment)

If a student has forgotten their badge they may enter school but should go directly to the Sixth Form area to obtain  a temporary ID for that day.  On no account may a student go anywhere else in the school until they have dealt with their ID situation. The badge is issued free of charge at the start of the year but if lost replacements will need to be paid for.

Dress Code

The expectation is that as Sixth Form students, you lead by example and dress for school accordingly. You must be smart and professional in your appearance.

We aim to encourage high standards, whilst allowing a level of freedom of choice to students to prepare for their learning. The dress requirements are as follows:-


Shoes should be formal and polishable

Hair must be neat with no extreme cuts or colour


Trainers, canvas shoes, flip flops or boots to be worn

Sportswear or shorts are not permitted. No denim jackets or jeans are to be worn

No hoodies, sweatshirts or leather jackets

No hats to be worn within the school buildings

Underwear is not to be seen.


  • Suit or formal trousers
  • Formal collared shirt with tie or a smart polo neck jumper
  • A plain jumper or cardigan
  • Suitable smart jacket is optional
  • Coat should be plain in colour


  • Suit or a formal knee length skirt/trousers
  • Blouse/smart top or smart dress
  • A plain jumper/cardigan
  • Suitable smart jacket (optional)
  • No leggings or playsuits
  • Strapless tops or dresses are not acceptable
  • No low cut tops or bare midriffs

Mobile phones, headphones and other electronic gadgets should not be worn or seen, outside of the downstairs study areas.

Students are expected to look smart at all times. Students who do not comply will be sent home. The final decision as to what looks ‘smart’ rests with the Head of Sixth Form.


Dress code expectations apply during examinations. You are entered for exams on that condition. Failure to wear appropriate clothing will result in you being charged the cost of the exam and/or sent home.

Special arrangements may apply for Art, Sport and Drama practicals.

Student Planners

Students will be issued with planners which they should have with them at all lessons.
Apart from homework these may be used for recording data and booking the dates of important events such as exams and  careers conventions. Staff may sometimes use the diary to note issues of concern. We would ask parents to check and sign the diary and to contact the form tutor if the amount of homework being set seems inappropriate.

We believe that all of these procedures, together with the Sixth Form code of conduct, are sensible, reasonable and beneficial to our students well being and education.

We expect full co-operation from students and a high level of support from parents in maintaining high standards.

Fundamental Values

CHS Sixth Form is committed to working closely and in harmony with its community and celebrating the diversity of peoples and cultures throughout the United Kingdom.