Department of Ethnic Minority Achievement (DEMA)

DEMA is a caring, student focused and interactive department with the aim to raise the achievement of ethnic minority students throughout the school who have English as an Additional language (EAL). The department monitors and assesses the progress of all EAL pupils from Yr7 –Yr11 very closely and intervenes where necessary to close any learning gaps particularly in English. This is done two-fold; through highly specialist teaching in our own small EAL classroom and through in-class support across the curriculum to targeted pupils. Our students are successful and achieve high levels in their GCSEs and often go on to study at A-Level. 

There is a range of tailored literacy interventions which involve students being withdrawn for a fixed period of time until they reach their desired level of English competency. These small groups range for students who are completely new to English (‘ABC’ groups and ‘Study Buddy’ groups Neptune and Jupiter) to students who are developing their English. (‘Immersion’ groups, 1,2,3 and 4) These lessons take place in our own classroom with an interactive screen and computer which is linked to the internet server.

Some of our students at KS3 and KS4 would like some extra assistance in completing their homework, and to facilitate this there is an EAL after school and lunch time homework club. The after school club takes place in the school’s library, an ideal learning environment well stocked with books, computers and a helpful librarian on hand!

During KS4, some students are invited to apply for the ‘Supportive EAL Studies’ option in place of an additional GCSE course. This option aims to maximise language access to their GCSE curriculum by reinforcing cross curricular concepts through extra resources. This is taught in a small group environment whereby pupils benefit from highly differentiated individualised lessons.

Due to the nature of our department we get to know the students very well. We operate an open door policy whereby pupils can come to the DEMA office at any time. We cater for both their academic needs and work closely with the Pastoral Managers across all year groups to ensure any pastoral issues are met with our pupils feeling valued, safe and secure. DEMA has strong links with the community and meeting s including parents, carers as well as outside agencies such as social workers are a core and daily part of the department.