The provision opened in September 1993 to meet the needs of a number of statemented students moving to the secondary phase from the long-established provision at a local primary school.

In-School Provision

The students are suited to either an aural/oral education or require sign input. Both approaches take place in the mainstream school with in-class support. In addition, the students receive daily extra-curricular support in the Hearing Impaired Provision.

Teachers of the Deaf and Special Support Assistants liaise closely with mainstream staff in order that the curriculum can be differentiated to allow full access for all students. A range of strategies are employed to meet the individual needs of the hearing impaired students; these range from pre-teaching, reinforcement, use of OHPs in the classroom, note-taking, use of subtitled videos and parallel teaching.

The provision currently comprises of 4 small acoustically treated rooms, which also houses the audiological equipment, teaching materials and administration area.


HIP Date  
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