How to Earn House Points

The house system is a school initiative to give pupils a shared community, a chance to work with their peers and staff, interacting with others and developing new and stronger relationships. The house system also allows pupils the chance to engage in a house team competition, this is where the six houses compete each term to collect the most house points. This can see pupils collect points for taking part in events and representing the house they belong to. Along with this pupils can collect their own personal tallies of house points, these are recoreded over the course of an academic year and can be a deciding factor on qualifying for trips and winning awards. Below is a table of what pupils could be awarded points for, as you will see some have a higher weighting than others and are therefore more valuable and harder to be awarded.

How to Earn House Points Number of House Points
Excellent Participation One
Excellent Classwork One
Kindness One
Contribution to Form One to Three 
Leading Discussions Three 
Positive Role Model Three
Sharing  Three
Creativity Three
Perseverance Three
Self Motivation Three
Star Student Three
Towards Target Three
Target Met Three
Sustained Improvement Three
Contribution to an Event Five
Positive Community Ethos Five
Excellent Attendance Five
Excellent Punctuality Five
Form Tutor Award Five
Subject Honours Board Five
Year Leader Award Ten
Head of House Award Ten
Headteacher Award Fifteen
Jack Petchey   

These awards are given by teachers and school staff when it is felt by them that they are deserving. Pupils should remember though that you are not simply rewarded for doing as we would expect of you, this is when you are going beyond.