Online Safety Mark Award

Caterham High School receives award for Online Safety 08AA37F0 BC43 49A4 AD59 A840E9868765

An Assessor from the South West Grid for Learning recently reviewed the school’s online safety provision.

Ron Richards (Lead Assessor for the 360 degree safe Online Safety Mark) reviewed a range of evidence and assessments made by the school, and was very pleased to find that the school provides a high level of online safeguarding protection for our students.

This award is provided by the South West Grid for Learning Trust, and is certified by the UK Safer Internet Centre and Bournemouth University - they are at the forefront of national and international developments in online safety. 

To apply for the 360 degree safe Online Safety Mark, schools have to reach a series of benchmark levels when they complete their self review. The evidence is then verified by experienced and accredited Assessors.

The prime benefit of using the review and applying for the Online Safety Mark is that it does not focus on the individual aspects of online safety such as technological solutions, but instead it integrates online safety into school policy and the curriculum, challenging teachers and leaders in the school to think about their provision and its continual evolution.

Schools are expected to show that they have provided a high standard of online safety education and awareness for all staff, students and also for parents and carers, to ensure that these users of digital technologies can be safe online – whether they are in school, in their homes or out and about using mobile devices.