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To allow ease of access at home we have uploaded the student resources folder on to Office 365.

This will allow students to open documents from any smart device (iphone, Android, ipad, tablet) without connecting to remote access.

Go to Student Resources (Click on link) Sign in with your school email address ie. (replace “17test” with your school computer username) and enter your computer password.

Further information and guidance is available in the download at the bottom of this page.

See below for subject related links and further information and useful links can be found on the relevant curriculum pages of the website. Staff will be supporting students with their learning by updating materials and guidance periodically.  Staff will be in direct email contact if it is needed with years 10, 11, 12 and 13.  They will only be using the school email system.  They cannot reply to any email sent from home email addresses.

Safeguarding Information: please click here for further information and advice 




As well as the online resources and guidance available through remote access, there are a wide range of websites and applications that we think your children will find engaging, useful and educational.  Please see the list below.


Year 10-13

BBC Bitesize- Art and Design :

Year 11-13


Business Studies

Students must filter for Edexcel Links only

GCE Business

GCE Economics B


seneca learning​

Design and Technology

All Year Groups  

GCSE NEA Guide    


For Years 7-9

Twinkl, parents need to register:

Spelling Shed:

BBC Bitesize:

For Years 10/11

AQA site for past papers:

Geoff Barton student resources: will need a sign up, but has resources

englishbiz for excellent language resources:

studywise language papers revision guide:

Modern Literature extracts to analyse:

Gradesaver for Macbeth revision:

Bicester Macbeth revision guide:

Gradesaver for A Christmas Carol revision

Brookfield revision guide for A Christmas Carol:

Gradesaver for Animal Farm revision:

Glencoe revision guide for Animal Farm:

Stoke Newington AQA poetry revision:

Greenacre AQA poetry revision:

Bicester poetry revision guide:

BBC Bitesize for AQA English

Seneca Learning, need to register:  


Programmes to Watch from Home - All Year Groups


  • The capital city sinking into the sea
  • Earth from Space
  • Equator – Latin America
  • Planet earth 2- Cities
  • Tomorrow’s food


  • Food inc
  • Life in the blue
  • The future of water,
  • Islands of the future
  • Wild Japan
  • Wild Australia,
  • Planet earth
  • Wild Alaska
  • Wild Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Blue planet
  • Planet earth II

You Tube

  • Nepal – the quake that shook Everest
  • National geographic documentary 2018- Japan’s tsunami
  • The world’s most polluted river

A Level - Videos to Watch

Ethical consumerism and the power of having a choice

TED talks

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

This country is not just Carbon neutral – it is carbon negative


A Level:


Years 7-9

All Year Groups


Media Studies

Year 13 Media Studies Exam Board Link for specifications, worksheets and content materials.

Please remember that at A2 as a general rule you  MUST reference your AS AND A2 topic case studies. This is an exam board rule.

Specification Link  A2

This link will allow you to access all the A2  course information content packs and coursework administration forms. Please ensure that you download relevant fact sheets, course content materials and worksheets to your own machine.

This link will take you to a range of student examples and mark schemes

The most recent past papers ( 2019 ) can no longer be accessed by students online BUT will be uploaded in your school-based Year 13 folder along with mark schemes in your work from home folder which will have the full range of assignments and topic specific worksheets. 

Year 11  Media Studies  OCR Exam Board Link for Specifications, worksheets and content materials.

Specification Link


This link will allow you to access a wide range of course booklets and information fact sheets

The most recent past papers can no longer be accessed by students online BUT will be uploaded in your school-based Year 11  folder along with mark schemes in your work from home folder which will have the full range of assignments and topic specific worksheets.

Year 10

The exam board that we are using is Educas . Please note that you will see WJEC as well as Educas  on many materials / resources for this exam board as they are based in Wales and have slightly different specifications for Welsh candidates BUT unless otherwise advised the resources we direct you towards will be for common use for both English and Welsh candidates.

The link below will direct you to the specification. You will be doing your GCSE in 2021 so please make sure when researching  the website you are accessing  the correct materials as in this subject the specification case studies change regularly. Explore the specification and sample assessment  examples to get a good overview of the subject content.         

Assignment 1 Situation Comedy Media Studies Year 10  for Parents 

We would ask that you encourage your young person to spend time looking at a range of examples from our two GCSE 2021 case studies for Situation Comedy. We have two specific case studies for both situation comedies but it will benefit your child to explore wider and watch a range of episodes. We have provided for you a link to a good resource for you to use to check any audio visual products for age appropriate content using the web links below.

Situation Comedy Case Studies for GCSE Media Studies June 2021 ( your child will take their GCSE  exam in 2021)

The IT Crowd


Age Rating Appropriate information for IT crowd

Age Rating Appropriate information for friends

This Assignment Pack 1 focus is on Music – Section A Paper 2

This pack is to help you do revision for Music questions on paper 2.  News ( Section B – Paper 2) resources will be sent later please try to NOT look at the section B questions on the exam paper included in this pack until you have received the  news topic revision pack.

This pack has a topic guide to the Music questions ( Live Lounge, Mojo Magazine, Music Videos and News exam paper ( what we call Paper 2 ) Paper 1 is the one with TV and Promoting Media (Cuffs / Avengers / Lego Movie / Lego Movie Game )

How do you use this resource for the music question?

Step 1 - Check out Item 1

This is a topic handbook covering general for paper 2  Music- Section A.  You may find it useful to refer also to the subject specification which is also  in the Media Studies  work from home folder.

Use item 1 to revise the range of music topics for example Music Magazines remembering that you may be expected to compare and contrast unseen magazine with MOJO. Knowing how a magazine works with its target audience will help you with that.  The link below will help you to understand what makes a good magazine.

What makes a good magazine – click to find out

The magazine you must study is Music Magazine MOJO

Click on the link to check out the magazine But you do need to also reference the hard copy magazine example which should feature in some form on your exam paper – possibly with an example of an unseen magazine for you to compare and contrast.

Secondly, you should revise the Music Videos. Just type the titles into your web browser to view the case study videos. DO NOT DISCUSS OTHER MUSIC VIDEOS BY THE SAME ARTISTS OR OTHER ARTISTS. 

The Music Videos you must study are

Paloma Faith – Picking up the pieces

Compared and contrasted with

Tinie Tempah ft Jess Glynne – Not Letting Go 


The Music programme you must study is BBC Live lounge . You can check out the live

Step 2 – Do the music questions from the exam paper. Item 2 .

Finally, do the Music questions on the exam paper. Use the mark scheme to self mark. Write your justification for marks as you progress your marking through the paper.

A sample exam paper and mark scheme is included as Item 3. Focus on the Music question’s  – read the questions and check out the mark scheme. Use the mark scheme to put a grade and if you can scan the marked paper to I will give you feedback to improve.

Step 3 – Item 3

Higher level candidates particularly should look at the resource that guides you through how to give good references. Referencing is a high-level marker though all candidates should constantly reference to show wider knowledge and understanding.


Free Apps for all Year Groups



Teachingit languages: lots of topic based and grammar tasks for KS3 and 4. Reading and writing skills mostly.

Spanish and umbrellas: variety of tasks for both languages not only Spanish

Languages on line: For KS3-4 and 5, very good mostly for grammar.

This language: they have a free trial during the covid period-lots of listening comprehension.

The grid org: lots of resources for all key stages

Linguascope: lots of worksheet and games-free trial now

BBC Bitesize will have videos and comprehension tasks for all KS5

Using You tube you will be able to watch “real” videos-mostly useful for KS4 and 5 WITH subtitles.


The websites below can be used for Years 7-11 PSHCE/Citizenship and RPE. Once on the website you will be presented with several short films, documentaries and clips on social issues, e.g. downs syndrome and abortion.

Link for Year 8 PSHCE- Cyber bullying 

Year 10 & 11 Citizenship
For GCSE Citizenship- pupils can go on to and type in ‘revision for Edexcel 1-9 Citizenship’ in the search area which will result in several links relating to the GCSE specification. query=edexcel+citizenship+9  -1+revision



Year 10 & 11 RPE

Netflix- The story of God by Morgan Freeman

Year 12 & 13 Philosophy

Netflix- The Story of God by Morgan Freeman

Netflix- Two Pope (Year 13)

Netflix- The Good place (Year 12 & 13)


Use via ‘Set up a Demo’

Set up a free trial, also supportive of other subjects

Will support other subjects as well - extended learning

Other links for academic reading can be found on the Pixl Independent booklets per topic


Documentaries/films linking to Education


  1. Freedom Writers
  2. Educating East End (YouTube)
  3. The history boys BBC I PLAYER


  1. The Children Who Built Victorian Britain (type this in on YouTube – recap on the changing role of the child)
  2. Modern Family (link to Family Diversity – Amazon Prime/Netflix/YouTube)
  3. SuperNanny – (YouTube) childhood


  1. Freedom Writers
  2. Educating East End (YouTube)
  3. The history boys BBC I PLAYER


  1. BBC iPlayer - Louis Theroux: Love without limits
  2. The Children Who Built Victorian Britain (type this in on YouTube – recap on the changing role of the child)
  3. How Chinese marriage markets help parents find a love match for their child – BBC (type this in on YouTube – what does this suggest about marriage and the outcome of China’s One Child Policy)
  4. Modern family
  5. China´s lonesome sons - The difficulties of finding a wife in China. With English subtitles (Type into YouTube)


  1. BBC iPlayer – Stacey Dooley (In the USA – Series 1 Girls Behind Bars – women in crime)

Year 13 BELIEFS:

  1. Louis Theroux: Surviving the most hated family in America BBC I PLAYER
  2. Jonestown The Life and Death of Peoples Temple 2006 (type this in on Youtube)
  3. Ellen Welcomes Transcendental Meditation Expert Bob Roth (Type this in on youtube to help with NEW AGE MOVEMENTS)
  4. Charles Manson documentary - History Channel (Type this in on youtube to help with SECTS)


Years 7-9 -

Years 10-11 - Combined science students (majority of students) 

Years 10-11

Separate sciences students only sets 10X1,11X1 and 11Y1




All Year Groups - Use the Free Version







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