CCTV - Data Protection

CCTV is in use at Caterham High School.  We only use recorded CCTV images for the purposes which we have identified.  If CCTV shows a recognisable person then it is generally classed as personal data and is covered by the Data Protection Act and GDPR.


The purpose of Caterham High Schools CCTV scheme includes:

  • To monitor areas of the School for prevention or detection of crime.
  • To provide evidence of crime or other disciplinary matters to allow use in exclusions or child protection proceedings.
  • To deter those having criminal intent.
  • Apprehending or prosecuting offenders.
  • To give confidence to Staff, Students and Visitors that they are in a secure environment.
  • To provide management information relating to Health & Safety matters.
  • To provide information relating to vehicle traffic management.
  • To provide information relating to the good management of the premises.     

CCTV coverage will not be used in assessing the performance of staff at the School.

Anyone who believes they have been filmed by CCTV is entitled to ask for a copy of the images, subject to exemptions on access under the act.  They do not have the right of instant access and must abide by the appropriate data protection procedures.

If you would like to request access to CCTV involving images of yourself or your child then please complete the CCTV Subject Access Request Form.  All Completed Forms need to be returned to the Schools Business Manager who is the Data Protection lead for the school.  Forms can be emailed to  

For any enquiries relating to CCTV please contact the Business Manager 020 8551 4321 or alternatively email


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