Business Studies

Business Studies

We aim to deliver Business  as a worthwhile and enjoyable experience that is taught with enthusiasm; preparing students to become effective and considerate potential business people.  With the world dependent on Businesses being successful to drive the global economy we aim to prepare students to be able to become successful business people or Entrepreneurs. 

We are a growing department currently with 4 full time members of staff.  The department has two fully equipped air conditioned ICT suites and data projectors.  The department plays a significant role in the 6th form offering a wide range of courses.
We as team believe that it is important that pupils of all ages can:

  • Work individually and together in teams to explore and develop business ideas.
  • Understand the moral, social, cultural and emotional impact of businesses in the world that we live in.
  • Make choices regarding the economic impact of their decisions by working out the costs involved.
  • Develop pupils' confidence in expressing their ideas to others and their own self esteem.
  • Develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by being curious, showing initiative, ingenuity and resourcefulness.


We have two 2 fully networked air-conditioned ICT suites. All rooms are fully networked using the latest Windows and Office software and are also fully equipped with Data Projectors.

Student Advice

Students are expected to keep all their written and printed work organised in a folder and 100% attendance to lessons is essential.  The school is under no obligation to keep pupils on roll in the 6th Form if they do not show a high level of commitment in all areas. A structured programme of private study is essential in order for a student to do well. All computer work must be backed up at all times and students must not rely on memory sticks as the only source of saved work as memory sticks often stop working.

Our Expectations

We expect all pupils to show respect to other people and treat them in the same way as they would expect to be treated themselves.  This includes teachers, fellow pupils and support staff.

We expect all students to complete class work to the best of their ability, taking care with presentation and the quality of work produced.

We have high expectations of our students and aim to motivate them to achieve the highest grades possible.

We expect pupils to always complete the homework that is set; all homework tasks can be seen on the school website via homework online.  We expect pupils to arrive to class prepared.  This means bringing the correct equipment or resources for that lesson.

Year 10/11 Courses Offered

GCSE Business (9-1) – (Edexcel)

VCERT Level 1 and 2 Combined – Business and Enterprise – (NCFE)

Sixth Form Courses Offered at Level 3

Finance (London Institute of Banking and Finance)

Economics B (Edexcel)

Business (Edexcel)

Applied General Business (AQA)