Geography - Curriculum Statement of Intent

“Geography has to be seen to remain relevant”

“Studying geography can help people make sense of the world

“Improve the cultural literacy of the nation” (Bell, 2005)

At CHS, the geography curriculum has been designed with the belief that the study of geography can change the world. As passionate geographers, we strongly believe that every single student, regardless of background, should benefit from relevant, relatable and challenging content. Opportunities to reflect inside and outside the classroom; informing minds, and opening eyes, to have an everlasting and positive impact on our world.

The study of Geography from Years 7-9 follows a thematic and sequenced order.  This has been designed to challenge students from the start of Year 7, incorporating relevant yet complex ‘locally seen’ topics such as Population and London’ and Plastic Pollution = relevant. The Key Stage 3 curriculum encompasses all the content and skills prescribed in the National curriculum and additionally aims to provide a foundation for Key stage 4 and 5, whilst also introducing students to nationally and internationally significant themes such as globalisation. Students will learn about the contributions they can and should be making, and encouraged to make use of this responsibility in the classroom and in the outside world throughout their lives. The synopticity of content taught is deliberate and frequent links and recapping of previous knowledge at Key stage 3 prepares students for the synoptic paper at GCSE and exam questions at A-level.

The use of interleaving skills throughout the KS3-5 curriculum – challenging Year7 students to experience the ‘hardest’ first – such as statistical tests and investigations – ensuring their competency by the end of KS3 and improving retention of knowledge and understanding at KS5= making sense of the world. All lessons include a ‘hook’ do now activity which encourages curiosity within the topic and drawing out the everyday application of geography in the world. Frequent and a stepped use of exam questions at Key stage 3, that are peer and self-assessed, prepare students for GCSE and A-level. Whole class feedback along with extensive DIRT is an integral part of geography lessons with students making significant improvements to their work based on teacher feedback. Students practice their presentation skills through group presentations throughout Years 7-13 and design their own fieldwork as soon as starting Year 7.

The curriculum is deliberately a continuous work of progress –topical, and urgently needed subjects including Climate change protests and plastic pollution allow our students to engage and access the world around them = Cultural literacy. We want all of our geographers to leave the classroom with not only the ability, but the desire to engage with society and make life long positive contributions to it.

At Key Stage 3, students study the following:Geography ltp year 7 8 9 page0001 final june 2022

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