Performing Arts

Performing Arts - Curriculum Statement of Intent

Our purpose and objective in the Performing Arts’ Department is to nurture passionate, imaginative and inquisitive individuals, who see the world from an artistic perspective, enjoying and exploring past and present art forms generated from an array of different cultures. We are inclusive and encourage all children to take part, we celebrate each other’s strengths and differences.

The Performing Arts curriculum prepares students to become independent and creative individuals. A range of topics allows students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts formed in a contemporary society and throughout the world. These themes are explored through a range of different creative styles, practitioners and mediums.

Students from Year 7 upwards are taught performance skills, explore texts, topics,  and study theatre practitioners.

We like to arm them with these theatrical devices which make them aware of how to create and devise their own works using their imagination.

Furthermore, the Performing Arts curriculum promotes a sense of self-worth, encourages confidence, resilience and develops relationships. In Key Stage 3 learners are given the opportunity to secure the foundation of Performing Arts education and implement skills that are important for life long lessons. Key Stages 4 and 5 aim to allow learners to develop a deeper understanding of the Performing Arts; it’s culture, background and influences. These Key Stages also serve to promote leadership and independence that will support them to further their learning. The curriculum also provides students with an accurate knowledge of how the Performing Arts industry operates in today’s society. Additionally, the programme of study throughout the key stages places an emphasis on written expression and literacy, supporting students to write analytically about the Performing Arts, crafting critical responses and accurately employing subject related terminology.

At Key Stage 3, students study the following:

Drama table final

Subject: Music

Music ltp year 7 8 9 1

At GCSE we study:

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

The Last Resort by Chris Owen

 Woman in Black adaption by Stephen Mallatrat

Students analyse characteristics of performance texts and dramatic works, including:

• genre

• structure

• character

• form and style

• language

• stage directions

At A Level :

The House of Bernada Alba by Lorca

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Brecht

Earthquakes in London by Bartlett

Metamorphosis by Berkoff

We look at:

  • social, historical and cultural contexts including the theatrical conventions of the period in which the performance texts were created
  • how meaning is interpreted and communicated through:
  • performance conventions
  • use of performance space and spatial relationships on stage
  • relationships between performers and audience

Both drama and music promote an overall appreciation of the arts both inside and outside of the classroom developing discipline, control and focus allowing them to grow into well rounded adults. We want to empower them with access to the Arts and develop our provision of cultural capital. Students are introduced to a range of opportunities to develop their expertise through extra-curricular activities including the school musical, National Connections, and concerts including at The Royal Albert Hall and events within the local community allowing them to develop their professionalism within the Performing Arts sector.

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